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2300Re: [neoplatonism] Re: Belated Greetings for the Season

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  • Goya
    Jan 1, 2009
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      I'd like to chime in and wish all a prosperous and happy New Year.

      I also want to congratulate listmember Peter Adamson on his article
      “Porphyrius Arabus on Nature and Art: 463F Smith in Context,” in Studies
      on Porphyry, ed. G. Karamanolis and A. Sheppard (London: Institute of
      Classical Studies, 2007), 141-163. It's a fine piece of work which adds a
      couple of previously unobserved fragments to Smith's collection. I
      particularly appreciated the reference to Giuilio A. Luchhetta's book on
      al-Razi, La natura e la sfera, to which Peter has done well to draw

      Peter's work is, of course, highly original, but he is also quick to
      acknowledge all (at least one presumes the list is complete) the people
      who helped him by commenting on previous drafts of his paper:

      "I also benefited greatly from
      discussion with Verity Harte, and comments on a previous written draft of
      this paper
      from Cristina D’Ancona, Stephen Menn, and David Reisman".

      Surely this is scholarship the way it should be done : colleagues - and a
      stellar company they are! - are generous enough to devote time and effort
      to sharing their comments with an author, and are rewarded by frank and
      complete acknowledgement of their labor.

      Best, Mike.

      Michael Chase
      CNRS UPR 76
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