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  • Edward Moore
    Nov 7, 2008
      St. Paul, Epistle to the Romans 8:1.

      Sure, there were certain Christian 'gnostics' who thought it wise to continue sinning so that "grace may abound," and others who felt that "being right with God" gave them license to do what they wished. But as Paul's remarks in this chapter make clear, such an interpretation falls *ahem* short of the mark.


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      > One should be careful not to remove that statement from the
      theological context in which it was uttered.
      > Edward

      I'll bite - what exactly was the context of the remark, and who said

      I have never heard this before, and I have read quite a bit on the
      subject of the struggle between Christianity and Paganism - Twombley,
      Chuvin, McMullen. Tried to look the quotation up online but got way
      too many hits on a new book with that same title, on religious
      violence in the late empire, that does sound worth reading:


      Dennis Clark

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      > John Uebersax wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > It seems implausible to me that Hypatia would have been killed
      > > for "pagan beliefs."
      > Recall that this was an era when people said, with complete
      > such things as "There is no crime for those who have Christ."
      > Curt Steinmetz
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