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  • Peter Adamson
    Jul 4, 2002
      Hello all and thanks to Cosmin for setting this up.

      My name is Peter Adamson, I am a lecturer in the Philosophy Dept. at King's
      College London; my areas of interest are both Greek and Arabic
      Neoplatonism, especially (these days) al-Kindi's circle in 9th c. Baghdad.

      I have a book forthcoming from Duckworth Press about the translation of
      Plotinus into Arabic, it should appear late this year (I hope). Also I
      guess I can advertise my forthcoming paper in J. of the History of
      Philosophy, in the next issue, called "Before Essence and Existence:
      al-Kindi's Conception of Being."

      Peter Adamson

      Peter Adamson
      Department of Philosophy
      King's College London
      London WC2R 2LS
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