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2173Re: [neoplatonism] List of Islamic Platonists and Neoplatonists

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  • Tzvi Langermann
    Jul 15, 2008
      I will try to add something later to this interesting discusssion--I must
      rush out now, as classes are still in session to make up for the faculty
      strike last fall.

      I enjoy reading Corbin, but beware: William Chittick, the leading Ibn Arabi
      scholar, says incisively somehwere that it's hard to tell where Ibn Arabi
      ends and Corbin begins (or maybe the other way around). He tended to
      overidentify with the subjects of his research.

      Y. Tzvi Langermann
      Department of Arabic
      Bar Ilan University
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      >> For reasons that are still unclear, there seems to have been a surge in
      >> the
      >> interest in, and acceptance of, Platonic teachings in the period after
      >> Avicenna.
      > How much truth, then, is there in Henry Corbin's oft-repeated assertion
      > that after the death of Averroes, the philosophical center of Islam
      > shifted from West to East and from Aristotle to Plato? Corbin's life-work
      > was, of course, dedicated to editing and the works of these Iranian
      > 'Platonists', shi'ite and sufi, who based their thought on Plato as
      > interpreted by Suhrawardi and Ibn Arabi, and included names like Mullah
      > Sadra, Mir Damad, Ruzbehan Baqli, Nasir-e-Khosraw, Sijistani, Jorjani,
      > Najmoddin Kubra, Shabestari, Haydar Amoli, Qazi Said Qommi, Ahmad Ahsai,
      > etc., etc., etc.
      > One of the great desiderata of Anglophone scholarship is a translation of
      > Corbin's 4-volume opus En Islam Iranien. As far as I know, the only
      > translation this great work has ever received is into......Bosnian (Resid
      > Hafizovic, Sarajevo 2000).
      > Michael Chase
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