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2069Re: Iamblichus 'eye of wisdom' alleged reference

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  • vaeringjar
    May 12, 2008
      > And there is this article by Michael Allen:
      > Marsilio Ficino on Plato's Pythagorean Eye
      > Michael J. B. Allen
      > MLN, Vol. 97, No. 1, Italian Issue. (Jan., 1982), pp. 171-182.
      > (at JSTOR)
      > This relates that Ficino, in his Philebus commentary, states:
      > "Among the wisest men of Greece arose the saying that Plato had
      three eyes: one with
      > which he looked at human things, another at natural things, and
      another at divine things.
      > The last was in his forehead, while the others were under his
      > Allen reports finding only two ancient sources for this tradition
      (but both likely
      > unfamiliar to Ficino).
      > The first is in an anonymous prolegomena to Platonic studies
      written perhaps by Elias or
      > someone else from Olympiodorus' school:
      > "It is said, in fact, that having found the theory of ideas he
      [Plato] dreamt that he had
      > a third eye.

      Well, that is fascinating, especially the Ficino reference, and I
      will try to find that article by Prof Allen, and take a look at the
      reference in Celsus too. I don't remember reading that in the Anon.
      proleg. however.

      Seems odd that lizard would have a third eye since all else seems to
      follow the symmetry of two's, right and left, but here we clearly
      have at least vestigially a third. Not that I am up that much on
      evolutionary biology, that there may be a third this or that
      something else in the hundreds of millions of years of life on Earth.
      All this is most curious.

      Dennis Clark
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