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1971RE: Book announcement: Reading Ancient Texts. Essays in Honour of Denis O'Brien

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  • Marilynn Lawrence Moore
    Mar 4, 2008
      The list is set to reject attached files, so I'm pasting the description

      Suzanne Stern-Gillet and Kevin Corrigan (edd.), Reading Ancient Texts.
      Essays in Honour of Denis O'Brien. Vol I: Presocratics and Plato. Vol. II:
      Aristotle and Neoplatonism

      Contents of Volume I:
      F. Fronterotta: 'Some Remarks on Noein in Parmenides'
      M. Rashed: 'The Structure of the Eye and its Cosmological Function in
      Empedocles. Reconstruction of Fragment 84 D.-K.'
      J.-C. Picot: 'Empedocles, Fragment 115.3: Can One of the Blessed Pollute his
      Limbs with Blood?'
      C. Huffman: 'Philolaus and the Central Fire'
      C. J. Gill: 'Self-Knowledge in Plato's Alcibiades'
      T. Ebert: 'Socrates on the Definition of Figure in the Meno'
      R.K. Sprague: 'Plato's Phaedo as Protreptic'
      J.C.G. Strachan: 'An Absurd Question: Plato, Symposium 199D'
      J.-F. Pradeau, 'Tumescence and Spiritual Seed in the Phaedrus'
      N. Notomi: 'Plato against Parmenides: Sophist 236D-242B'
      K.M. Sayre: 'Dialectic by Negation in Three Late Dialogues'
      A Detailed Bibliography of Denis O'Brien's Works

      Contents of Volume II:

      C. Natali: 'Aristotle's Conception of Dunamis and Techne'
      C. Viano: 'Aristotle and the Starting Point of Moral Development: the Notion
      of Natural Virtue'
      J. Cleary: 'Akrasia and Moral Education in Aristotle'
      T. Buchheim: 'Effective Primary Causes: the Notion of Contact and the
      Possibility of Acting without Being Affected in Aristotle's De Generatione
      et Corruptione'
      K. Corrigan: 'The Organisation of the Soul: some Overlooked Aspects of
      Interpretation from Plato to Late Antiquity'
      F.M. Schroeder: 'The Final Metamorphosis: Narrative Voice in the Prologue of
      Apuleius' Golden Ass'
      G. Gurtler S.J.: 'Omnipresence and Transcendence of the One in VI 5[23]'
      C. Horn: 'The Concept of Will in Plotinus'
      J.-M. Narbonne: 'Divine Freedom in Plotinus and Iamblichus (Tractate VI
      8[39] 7, 11-15 and De Mysteriis III, 17-20)
      P. Thillet: 'Was the Vita Plotini known in Arab Philosophical Circles?'
      G. O'Daly: 'Friendship and Transgression: Luminosus Limes Amicitiae
      (Augustine, Confessions 2.2.2.) and the Themes of Confessions 2'
      S. Stern-Gillet: 'Augustine and the Philosophical Foundations of Sincerity'
      D. Evans 'Innovation and Continuity in the History of Philosophy'
      A Detailed Bibliography of Denis O'Brien's Works

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      Dear Marilyn,

      Attached is a book announcement. Will you circulate it or should I ask
      Edward Moore?


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