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  • Cosmin I. Andron
    Mar 1, 2003
      I have the sad occasion to announce, to those of you who might not know,
      the death on 12th of February of another Platonic scholar, Professor
      Emeritus of Latin at University College Dublin:

      John J. O'Meara (1915-2003)

      ''Premebam oculos eius; et confluebat in praecordia mea maestitudo
      ingens et transfluebat in lacrimas; ibidemque oculi mei violento animi
      imperio resorbebant fontem suum usque ad siccitatem, et in tali
      luctamine valde male mihi erat. tum vero, ubi efflavit extremum, puer
      Adeodatus exclamavit in planctu, atque ab omnibus nobis coercitus
      tacuit. hoc modo etiam meum quiddam puerile, quod labebatur in fletus
      iuvenali voce, voce cordis, coercebatur et tacebat neque enim decere
      arbitrabamur funus illud questibus lacrimosis gemitibusque celebrare,
      quia his plerumque solet deplorari quaedam miseria morientium aut quasi
      omnimoda extinctio. at illa nec misere moriebatur nec omnino moriebatur.
      hoc et documentis morum eius et fide non ficta rationibusque certis
      tenebamus.'' Augustine, Confessiones IX.12.29

      Select publications:

      [Autobiographical] The Singing-Masters. Dublin: The Lilliput Press,
      1990. Pp. viii, 115. [Review in BMCR:
      http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/bmcr/1991/02.05.19.html ]

      St. Augustine. Against the Academics. Translated and annotated by John
      J. O'Meara. pp. vi. 213. Newman Press: Westminster, Md.; Longmans, Green
      & Co.: London, 1950.

      The Young Augustine. The growth of St. Augustine's mind up to his
      conversion. pp. xv. 215. Longmans, Green & Co.: London, 1954.

      Origen, Prayer. Exhortation to Martyrdom. Translated and annotated by
      John J. O'Meara. pp. vii. 253. Newman Press: Westminster, Md.; Longmans
      Green & Co.: London, 1954.

      Porphyry's Philosophy from Oracles in Augustine. pp. ii. 184. Études
      Augustiniennes: Paris, 1959.

      Charter of Christendom. The significance of the City of God. pp. xv.
      120. Macmillan Co.: New York, 1961.

      Eriugena., Cork: published for the Cultural Relations Committee of
      Ireland by the Mercier Press, 1969.

      The mind of Eriugena. Papers of a colloquium, Dublin, 14-18 July 1970.
      Edited by John J. O'Meara and Ludwig Bieler. Dublin: Irish University
      Press for the Royal Irish Academy, 1973.

      Countless articles mainly on Augustine and Eriugena but also on many
      facets of the Platonic tradition.

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