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  • Glassell Park Neighborhood Council
    YOUTH & EDUCATION COMMITTEE SUMMARY (05-19-02) Sunday’s meeting at the Glassell Park Rec. Center produced a new and notable project by the Glassell Park
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      Sunday’s meeting at the Glassell Park Rec. Center produced a
      new and notable project by the Glassell Park Neighborhood Council’s
      dynamic Youth and Education Committee as they advanced on the subject of
      Teen Sex.

      Alisa Smith and Myriam Magaña, as co-chairs, worked with the youth
      present and several adults from the community to come up with a plan to
      introduce some form of sex education/ pregnancy prevention in our middle
      schools, responding to the sad news that there are now 3 known 13-year
      olds pregnant at Washington Irving.

      The administration has been reluctant to act, and less than
      forthcoming about the reasons for that reluctance. Doubtless they are
      unwilling, in their teacher role, to seemingly overstep into the realm
      of parenting. Myriam Magaña, as a faculty member and associate, Gilbert
      Berriozabal have been appealing to the school authorities for over a
      year with no movement on the problem. After Sunday’s discussion on the
      propriety of parents instructing their children to take alternatives
      measures against the real facts that such a thing always happens, Lisa
      Duardo suggested the Committee take some real stance on this matter.
      They were further encouraged by two of the students present who insisted
      they definitely need a safe, open, and honest place at school where they
      feel empowered to discuss sex openly.

      Guadalupe Mercado, who is a Washington Irving parent,
      assured the group that she could encourage others to support the Youth
      and Education Committee’s credo and gain the support of other parents in
      hopes to meet with the principal. It is important for the Community
      Stakeholders to be heard and to encourage some form of sex education and
      prevention program in our schools.

      Berriozabal then volunteered to present a panel discussion
      based on the P.A.T.H. program he believes is being positively promoted
      in other venues Citywide. P.A.T.H, with local, state, and private
      funding is a group of Teen Leaders who inspire orchestrate discussion
      groups amongst their peers, parents, and faculty on the topics ranging
      from abstinence and responsibility primarily focusing on the youth and
      potential parenthood. This suggestion is a move into the right
      direction to “Empower the Youth and Educate Our Leaders” on real life
      matters directly affecting their everyday lives!

      This suggestion, slightly altered and tailored to educate
      mostly the parents in hopes to increase their knowledge and ability to
      approach the task is a step in the right direction. Hopefully with the
      parents’ support, faculty pressure, and input from the Students, and the
      Youth and Education Committee Coordinators, this presentation could be a
      promising beginning.

      Finally, in a gesture of solidarity, they are appropriately
      calling this dialogue session “It’s Up To Me (To Prevent Teen
      Pregnancy)” and have scheduled it for slightly less than two weeks from
      Sunday’s Meeting. Please keep posted on the E-Mail Waves for the Public
      Notices or contact Alisa Smith or Myriam Magaña for further details!

      Committee Reporter: Ned Baughman w/ thanks to Alisa and Myriam

      “It’s Up to Me”

      Thursday, May 30th, 1pm
      Rm. 6-A, Washington Irving Middle School
      Info: Miriam Magaña 323-258-3458
      Co-Chair: Alisa Smith at colourcity@...

      Glassell Park Neighborhood Council
      Contact Bradley: ebebradley@...



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