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      From: Edel Vera
      Sent: 5/28/01 5:18:33 PM

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      From: "EM Garcetti" <ericgarcetti@...>
      Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2001 1:10 PM
      > Hello all.  We have ten days left before the Election,
      > before all of our hard work and focus is judged by the
      > voters and we learn whether or not this campaign wins
      > or not.  Words cannot appropriately describe how
      > humbling this experience has been for me.  Without
      > your help, your counsel, your time, your generosity,
      > your simple plugging away at what was once such a
      > distant and even seemingly-unattainable goal, this
      > would have been nothing more than a distant dream.
      > I won't sum up here what we have already accomplished
      > (and we have accomplished a mind-boggling amount)--I
      > will wait for our final sentinel to do that.  I will
      > ask that everyone dig down deep and see what you can
      > contribute for the last few days--phone calls,
      > precinct walking, precinct captaincy, etc.  First, let
      > me update you on things and then let you know where
      > you can help.
      > I know that people are exhausted, busy, focused on
      > multiple campaigns, etc., but this IS the most
      > important push, when everything you have already done
      > culminates--please make the extra push to do all that
      > you can.  We are about 6000 "yes voters" away from the
      > goal with think we need to win and we need to double
      > our pace to hit our goal.  We really need the help!
      > UPDATE:
      > FIELD--As many of you know, we have continued to push
      > forward with our field operation.  The small window of
      > time to raise so much money has made us cut back on
      > paid walkers and phoners, so volunteers are becoming
      > increasingly important.  We have swept through many of
      > the neighborhoods of the district, but we have an
      > opponent who has maintained a strong field operation
      > this time.  We are still phoning and walking from our
      > two offices and will be doing so for every day here on
      > out.
      > Come on by.  Call Oscar at the campaign or just show
      > up (5057 Sunset Blvd.) any day after noon (when
      > phoning begins) or on the weekends after 10AM.  The
      > campaign number is (323) 660-1745 though we can have
      > you turned around within a few minutes of arriving at
      > the office.  In particular, folks with Korean, Thai,
      > and Tagalog expertise would be extra helpful.
      > MAIL: We have begun our mail operation, though, again,
      > finances required us to wait a bit longer to get mail
      > out than would have been ideal.  Mike Woo has already
      > started going negative, and a hit piece landed in
      > people's mailboxes on Friday.  I am proud that we have
      > kept things positive up to this point and read his
      > negativity as desperation at feeling that he is
      > behind.  Nevertheless, negative stuff works and we
      > will have to be focused with our last mail pieces.
      > Woo's pieces are riddled with inaccuracies and many
      > voters have told us that they are very turned off by
      > it, but some have already started raising the
      > questions (residency, experience, etc.) in Woo's
      > pieces.
      > WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT THE MAIL: Not much.  Just help
      > us raise money (see below).
      > PRESS:  Press has been largely absent from this race.
      > The LA Times has not done a single piece, though it
      > will on the 31st.  The Weekly reiterated its
      > endorsement and did a news piece on the race last
      > week.  The New Times has said a couple of notably nice
      > things about me.  The LA Independent has chronicled
      > the race each week as well.  We had back-to-back
      > appearances on KCET and debates on KCRW (listen at
      > ) and KPCC We are making a strong push to continue to
      > release our information to the press and to get
      > coverage for the final week and a half.  David Bloom,
      > former crack metro reporter for the Daily News, is
      > coming on to assist Susan Baldwin for the last ten
      > days.
      > WHAT YOU CAN DO: Get us coverage.  If you have
      > contacts, especially in broadcast get them to Susan
      > Baldwin (soozi152@...) or David Bloom
      > (davidbloom@...).  Also, we could use
      > assistance with Spanish-language media for the
      > homestretch (Claudia?).
      > ENDORSEMENTS:  Not much new news.  I was endorsed by
      > Marco Firebaugh, Chair-Elect of the Latino Caucus in
      > the CA State Legislature (thank you Andres Irlando for
      > your help!), and KNX radio endorsed Woo.  All of the
      > Democratic Clubs that have endorsed since the primary
      > have endorsed me and I now have a majority of the City
      > Council endorsing me (8 members--none have endorsed
      > Woo).
      > WHAT YOU CAN DO: The only endorsements left are those
      > of the electorate.  Come help!
      > MONEY: Money situation is going fine, but we finished
      > the first reporting period about $20,000 behind my
      > opponent.  We still need to raise a considerable
      > amount in order to get out our mail and to make our
      > final push on the ground.
      > WHAT YOU CAN DO:  Invite folks to/come to the
      > following fundraisers:
      > 1) Fundraiser at Taix's Restaurant (Sunset Blvd. in
      > Echo Park) on Tuesday from 9:30 to 10:30 AM on the
      > 29th for guests from the Armenian community
      > (310-505-9616 Armen Arujyan)
      > 2) Also on the 29th: at 5:30 also at Taix--a Labor
      > Reception hosted by Rod Diamond, Miguel COntreras, Ric
      > Icaza, and Peter Kelley--call Charley Dobbs at
      > 310-313-2047)
      > 3) Also on the 29th: Tyler Cassidy and Joey Sehee host
      > a fundraiser on my behalf at the Hollywood Forever
      > Cemetery (contact Joey Sehee at 323-363-1709) from
      > 6:30-8:10
      > 4) On Wednesday the 30th Mario Solis hosts a
      > fundraiser at his home in Mt. Washington ($500) from
      > 5:30-6:30--the final debate of the campaign to follow
      > at Belmont High School at 6:30 (debate hosted by
      > SALEF).  Mario's place is 4200 Glenalbyn Dr.--contact
      > Adam at (323) 223-6040.
      > 5) On Thursday the 31st, Chris Caldwell and Rich
      > Lllewellyn host a fundraiser at their house in Los
      > Feliz including special invited guests from the Gay
      > and Lesbian community.  Contact Norman Chramoff
      > (310-849-1143) for more info. From 5:30-7:30.
      > 6) Friday the 1st: Fundraiser in Mt. Washington
      > (location TBA)--contact Susan Baldwin at the campaign
      > (323-660-1745)
      > 7) Saturday the 2nd: Hollywood Heights fundraiser from
      > 3-4 in the Hollywood Hills--contact Susan Baldwin for
      > details (323-660-1745)
      > 8) Also on Saturday: at the historic El Capitan
      > Theater on Hollywood Blvd., come to a reception and
      > viewing of Pearl Harbor ($250 a ticket) for the 4:45
      > matinee.  We only have 25 tickets so call Charley
      > Dobbs to reserve your seat (310-313-2047)
      > ELECTION DAY: We need precinct captains for Election
      > Day.  Please contact Stephanie Baltierra at the
      > campaign (323-660-1745 or
      > know that you can help out.  We will have things
      > well-coordinated again, with food and "regional"
      > headquarters throughout the district.  We need about
      > 200 people on Election Day to get out our vote--I hope
      > that as many people as can will help out.
      > So that's it.  Back to work.  Go Lakers.  Go Eric
      > Garcetti for City Council Campaign.
      > Thanks for everything and talk to you next week.
      > With deepest gratitude,
      > Eric
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