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GPNC Agenda for 11/19/13

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  • Jesse Medina
    Greetings: Below please find the Agenda for the next Glassell Park Neighborhood Council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 19, 2013 to be held at the
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      Below please find the Agenda for the next Glassell Park Neighborhood Council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 19, 2013 to be held at the Glassell Park Senior Center.
      If you should have any questions, inquiries, problems, or complaints regarding this Agenda or it's posting please use the contact information provided below.
      Thank you and regards



      NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL 3750 N. Verdugo Road

      Los Angeles, CA 90065

      (323) 256-4762 or 256-GPNC






      Tuesday November 19, 2013 7pm – 9:30pm

      Glassell Park Community & Senior Center

      3750 N. Verdugo Road

      Los Angeles, CA 90065

      The public is requested to fill out a "Speaker Card" to address the Board on any item of the agenda prior to the Board taking action on an item. Comments from the public on Agenda items will be heard only when the respective item is being considered. Comments from the public on other matters not appearing on the Agenda that is within the Board’s subject matter jurisdiction will be heard during the Public Comment period. The timelines indicated are for the purposes of moving agenda items along only and do not constitute official times to discuss and/or take actions on items presented. Public comment is limited to 2 minutes per speaker, unless waived by the presiding officer of the Board. Agenda is posted for public review at Super A Foods Store 2925 Division Street, Glassell Park Post Office 3950 Eagle Rock Blvd., Out Of The Closet 2425 N. San Fernando Road, Public Storage 3810 Eagle Rock Blvd., and Glassell Park Recreation Center 3650 Verdugo Road. As a covered entity under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Los Angeles does not discriminate on the basis of disability and upon request, will provide reasonable accommodation to ensure equal access to its programs, services, and activities. Sign language interpreters, assistive listening devices, or other auxiliary aids and/or services may be provided upon request. "In compliance with Government Code section 54957.5, non-exempt writings that are distributed to a majority or all of the board members in advance of a meeting may be viewed at the Glassell Park Neighborhood Council Constituent Service Center located at 3750 N. Verdugo Road (in back of the Public Storage Bldg) or visiting our website by clicking on the following link: WWW.GLASSELLPARKNC.ORG or at an upcoming scheduled meeting. In addition, if you would like a copy of any record related to an item on the agenda, please contact the GPNC Office Manager, Art Camarillo at (323) 821-1717 or 256-GPNC or GPNC41@.... To ensure availability of services, please make your request at least 3 business days (72 hours) prior to the meeting you wish to attend by contacting the GPNC Office Manager or Board Members separately.

      All Agenda items may be subject to discussion and/or possible action by a simple majority of a quorum of the Board present at this meeting.

      1. Welcome and Introductions (7:00 p.m.)

      2 Acceptance/Review of GPNC GCS Mtg. Min. for October 15, 2013. (if provided)

      3. Official/Public Comment (Non-Agenda Items) (2 Min. Max.)

      4. Board Member Comment (Non-Agenda Items) (2 Min. Max.)

      5. Neighborhood Council Board Business (7:30 p.m.)

      a. Instruct Board Member to Comply with LA City Ethics and Open Government

      (http://ethics.lacity.org/education/ethics2007/?audience=done); completed Certifications to be turned into GPNC Office Mgr.

      b. Accept Nominations of up to 10 Alternate Representatives as per "GPNC Standing Rules."

      c. Elect/Select a Government Relations Representative to provide updates/advocate for/represent on behalf of the GPNC regarding action items (if any) to the Council District Offices, when necessary.

      d. Motion/Resolution to Approve the 2014 Executive Committee and General Community Stakeholders Meeting Schedule.

      e. Motion/Resolution to "Convene/Cancel" the December 2013 Executive Committee Meeting.

      f. Motion/Resolution to "Convene/Cancel" the December 2013 General Community Stakeholders Meeting.

      g. Update from LA River Pilot Program/Committee Liaison, Mike Divic.

      h. Update from LA Mayor’s Budget Liaison’s, Maggie DQ, Maggie LR, and Gladys Pinto-Muñoz

      i. Update from Budget Advocate Liaison’s, Channa Grace or Maggie Lopez-Robles.

      j. Update from the LADWP and BPW Liaison, Tony Butka

      k. Motion/Resolution to Fund up to ($1,000) for "3rd Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day-Of-Service Community

      Clean-Up" for Saturday January 18, 2014 (Bradley)

      l. Motion/Resolution to Host a Town Hall Meeting for "Goodwill Industries in Fletcher Square."

      m. Motion/Resolution to Submit a Community Impact Statement (CIS) in Support of CF08-2020, (Request to
      Council to instruct the City Attorney to prepare and present an ordinance to amend Ordinance No. 180,841
      relating to off-site signs, off-site digital displays and super graphic signs (adopted August 7, 2009, CF08-2020) to implement the following technical corrections in order to more accurately reflect the intent of the City' Council with regard to this matter as well as to achieve conformity with State law:


      n. Motion/Resolution to Submit a Community Impact Statement (CIS) in Support of CF12-0785, (Request to
      Council to instruct the Planning Department to prepare a report, in consultation with the Department of Animal Services, relative to the feasibility of allowing beekeeping in R] zones as a practice to foster a healthier bee population. The Department of The Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) currently disallows "beekeeping" in Single Family residential (R 1) zones. The definition of "beekeeping" is to allow for the care and maintenance of bee hives; the managed production of


      o. Motion/Resolution to Submit a Community Impact Statement (CIS) in Support of CF13-0025-S1. (Request
      to Council to instruct that the Police Department and City Attorney, with the assistance of the Chief Legislative Analyst and City Clerk, be instructed to report with recommendations to establish a standing reward offer for hit-and-run crimes that occur in the City of Los Angeles, including how the<, reward process would be administered and the potential fiscal impact)


      p. Motion/Resolution to Submit a Community Impact Statement (CIS) in Support of CF13-0046. (Request
      to Council take action of May 29, 2013 relative to the realignment of City departments to create a new department of City Planning and Development (CF 13-0046), BE AMENDED to instruct the involved Departments to expand the scope of work of the consultant hired to advise the City on this matter to include a report on options, other than consolidation, that would improve the City's development process. This report
      should include best practices in other large municipalities, a cost benefit analysis, pros and cons of consolidation, other viable realignment options, and an implementation timeline;

      AND TO FURTHER MOVE, that pending preparation of this report and additional analyses, any actions to implement the consolidation of the Department of Planning and Building and Safety be delayed until FY 2014- 2015.)


      q. Motion/Resolution to Submit a Community Impact Statement (CIS) in Support of CF13-0658. (Request
      to Council to instruct the Bureau of Street Services and Bureau of Engineering, Department of Public Works, report within 30 days with recommendations fora pilot program that would allow a temporary permit process that would expedite the legal placement of sidewalk dining and storefront furniture, including but not limited to planters, railings and other street furniture within the Historic Core area (between First Street and Seventh Street, and Broadway and los Angeles Street in Downtown los Angeles);

      AND TO FURTHER MOVE that they Bureau of Engineering review the current fee structure and timeline
      for both sidewalk dining and sidewalk furniture and identify ways that both can be reduced.)


      r Motion/Resolution to Submit a Community Impact Statement (CIS) in Support of CF13-0909. (Request
      to Council to instruct any and all appropriate and applicable management and representatives of the LADWP, joined by city ratepayer advocate Fred Pickel, report back to the Los Angeles City Council regarding this policy and program and any possible abuses and reforms, within 30 days.

      According to The Times, "DWP employees benefit from a 32-year-old policy that allows them to take paid days off well beyond the agency's 10-day-a-year cap on sick days ... In fact, records and interviews show, there is no limit to the paid time off DWP employees can take when they say they're sick, and requirements to provide medical proof of their illness have been loosely enforced," with a significant percentage of employees failing to supply a verifying doctor's note when such notes are supposed to be provided.

      While personnel issues are certainly and appropriately treated with discretion, according to legal structure and
      privacy rights when such are deemed applicable, there is an absolute need, for the sake of the city's quality of service and economic well-being, for these policy and programmatic issues to be explored promptly and publicly)


      s. Motion/Resolution to Submit a Community Impact Statement (CIS) in Support of CF13-0953. (Request
      to Council to instruct the Information Technology Agency (ITA) to report with recommendations on the development of a citywide municipal Wi-Fi initiative, whereas Government can become more modem, open, transparent and efficient.

      The City's Information Technology Agency (ITA) has worked on the implementation, deployment and enhancement of electronic government, including online forms, live audio/video of City Council meetings, and the MyLA311 mobile application.)


      6. Report and Recommendations from Treasurer, (Channa Grace) (7:45 p.m.)

      a. Update on 2012 – 2013 FY Funding Practices and/or Funds Encumbered.

      b. Update on 2013 – 2014 FY Funding Balances, Pending and/or Remaining Funds Available.

      c. Motion/Resolution to Adjust /Modify/Amend GPNC Budget 2013 – 2014 FY, if available.

      d. Status of a "Letter of Inquiry (LOI)" regarding the 2013 – 2014 FY Funding Available and/or Remaining Funds Available.

      7. Committee/Ad Hoc Committee Reports/Updates (8:00 p.m.)

      a. Report/Recommendations/Status/Update Website Ad-Hoc Committee, (if any). (Andre Sahakian)

      1. Phase I – Enhancement of the Webpage Look, Content, and Graphics-Attractive Welcome Page.

      2. Update on Twitter, Facebook, and other Applications, if any.

      3. Proposals from Website Administrator, Wendy L. Moore

      "Attract them with graphics. Keep them with content"



      4. Phase II – Creating Content from the ENTIRE Board, 2014 Spring Regional Elections & More.

      b. Economic Development and Land Use Committee Recommendations and Updates, (Andy Montealegre)

      1). K-Mart Site at 3150 San Fernando Road in the Fletcher Square Neighborhood; Goodwill Industries is opening a warehouse / retail store at the old Kmart Site in Glassell Park.

      2). People Street Project Idea: Eagle Rock Boulevard Median Park Btwn. Avenue 35 and Avenue 36

      A Proposal for a portion of Eagle Rock Boulevard between Avenue 35 and Avenue 36 with a single lane of traffic in each direction to inspire greater community engagement simply by its visibility, and encourage more passive and active neighborly interactions in line with Mayor Garcetti’s "People Streets program" for the Community of Glassell Park.


      c. Grants & Funding Committee Report/Recommendations/Status/Updates, (if any), Bradley

      d. Report/Recommendations/Status/Update By-Law Committee, (if any). (Tony Butka)

      e. Report/Recommendations/Status/Update Budget and Finance Committee, (if any). (Channa Grace)

      f. Report/Recommendations/Status/Update from Outreach and Communication Committee, (if any). (Bradley)

      g. Report/Recommendations/Status/Update By-Elections Adhoc Committee, (if any). (Art Camarillo)

      h. Report/Recommendations/Status/Update Education Ad-Hoc Committee, (if any). (Baltazar Vega)

      i. Report/Recommendations/Status/Update Legislative Ad Hoc Committee, (if any). (Mike Divic)

      8. Area Representative Updates

      a. Area 1, Bradley

      b. Area 2, Maggie Darett-Quiroz

      c. Area 3, Crystal-Lynne Orozco

      d. Area 4, Maggie Lopez-Robles

      e. Area 5, Arlene Santos

      f. Area 6, Martin Gregori

      g. Area 7, Gladys Pinto-Muñoz

      9. Business Representative Updates (9:00p.m.)

      10. Organizational Representative Updates

      11. Educational Representative Updates

      12. Faith-Based Representative Updates, (Art Camarillo)

      13. Announcements/Public Comments

      14. New Community Activities/Business & Developments/Issues and/or Concerns:

      a. Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014 from 8am –12pm, 3rd Annual MLK Day of Service Community Clean-up

      Contact: Bradley at (323) 806-7477 or via e-mail at ebebradley@...

      15. Adjourn (9:30pm)

    • Yolanda
      Please join us in this years Holiday Parade. Best, Yolanda Nogueira President- Highland Park Chamber of Commerce
      Message 2 of 3 , Nov 18 2:39 PM
      Please join us in this years Holiday Parade.
      Yolanda Nogueira
      President- Highland Park Chamber of Commerce

    • christo90065
      Yolanda, thanks for posting the NELA holiday parade announcement attachment to nelalist. Here it is again. Thanks Chris nelalist FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact:
      Message 3 of 3 , Nov 19 10:23 AM

        Yolanda, thanks for posting the NELA holiday parade announcement attachment to nelalist. 

        Here it is again.





        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                          



        Yolanda     (323) 256-3151

        Teri            (323) 809-8564







        The 69th Northeast Los Angeles Holiday Parade will officially bring in the holiday season on Sunday, December 1, 2013 at 1 p.m. Santa will be there again, will you? The city’s second oldest annual holiday parade has become a great attraction for entertainers and audience alike! Our list of participants continues to grow offering more marching bands, drill teams, dancers, musicians, floats, equestrian units, celebrities and community representatives.

        This annual volunteer organized community parade is being presented by the Highland Park Chamber of Commerce with collaboration from Los Angeles City Councilmen Gil Cedillo (CD 1) and Jose Huizar (CD 14) as well as City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and numerous local businesses and organizations.

        The parade will proceed from North Figueroa Street and Avenue 60, southbound to Sycamore Grove Park. Accessible by the Metro Rail Gold Line, the parade also introduces visitors to the Northeast area’s cultural and historic facilities and unique shopping experience.  Come out and bring the family for a day of fun and excitement!







        Name of Business/Organization: ______________________________________________________________

        Contact Person: ____________________________________________Title___________________________

        Address _________________________________________________City __________________Zip ______

        Phone ________________________ Fax _____________________ E-mail ___________________________








        Entry Category (circle one)


         School Band   Drill Team                     Cheer Squad                Flags              Commercial

         Dancers                     Dignitary                      Service                         Veterans        Animals 
         Bicycle                       Other ________________________________________________________

        Number of people in Entry:  ____________ Number of vehicles in entry: _____________________

        *** Please include copy of insurance for vehicles.

        We will use a:   ____car         ____truck        ____ float        Other ___________________________
        Will your entry be accompanied by Music? ____ Yes ___ No                 

        Have you been in the parade before: ___ Yes ___ No    If yes, please provide a history

             Entry FEES:


                                ____    Business or For-Profit Organization (Fee $50.00)                   

                                ____    Non-profit Organization (Fee waived with 501c (3) Letter of Determination)

                                _____  School Group (Entry Fee waived)

                              ____     $25.00 Entry Fee for all others.

                              ____     We will be unable to participate. Accept my donation of $___ for the parade.


        Please make check payable to: Northeast Los Angeles Holiday Parade

        And return to: 1270 N. Avenue 50, Los Angeles, CA 90042


         For information, please call:  Yolanda Nogueira (323) 256-3151   xmanxins@...

                                                                      Teri Bonsell   (323) 809-8564   teribonsell@...                                      

                                                                           FAX:  (323)-255-6352







        I/We, the undersigned, hereby agree to hold harmless The Highland Park Chamber of Commerce and its agents for any accident and/or injury resulting from my/our participation in the 69th Annual Northeast Los Angeles Holiday Parade.


        I/We acknowledge that I/We have read the Parade Rules and Guidelines and agree to abide by said rules and guidelines in their entirety.


        I/We understand and agree not to distribute anything (candy, confetti, flyers etc.) from my/our parade entry into the street or the crowds.


        I/We understand that if I/We have misrepresented our entry in any way, it will be cause for removal from the parade.



        __________________________________________________________________          ________________________________

        Signature of Entry Representative                                     Date



        __________________________________________________________________          ________________________________

        Received by                                                                           Date





        For information, please call:  Yolanda Nogueira (323) 256-3151   xmanxins@...

                                                      Teri Bonsell           (323) 809-8564  teribonsell@... 

                                                              FAX               (323) 255-6352





        Date:              Sunday, December 1, 2013                                 

        Time:              1 p.m.

        Location:       Starting - North Figueroa & Avenue 60 in Highland Park 



        • Deadline for parade entries is November 1, 2013. Entries received after this date are not guaranteed placement in the parade.
        • All entries are required to decorate floats and dress in family friendly manner “Rated G”.
        • All entries must carry identification banner.
        • Entry committee must approve all parade entries.
        • Entry categories are limited to space availability.
        • Prior to the parade, staging information will be sent to all registered entries.
        • Drill teams, Marching Bands, Cheer Squads etc. are limited to a two-minute program

        for judging and in designated areas only.  Entries will be disqualified for non-compliance!



        ·       Streets on parade route will be closed from 12 noon to 5:00 p.m. on day of parade.             

        ·       Check-in booth will open at 10:00 a.m. and close at 11:30 a.m. Located at the Highland Park Recreation Center, 6150 Piedmont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA. 90042.

        ·       All entries must check in by 11:30 a.m. Only one person per group must check in.

        ·       The 69th NELA Holiday Parade will start promptly at 1p.m. All units must be in place, dressed in uniform/costume and prepared to move at 12:45 p.m.   

        ·       Parade will start on Avenue 60 and finish at Sycamore Grove Park.

        ·       There will be no stopping during or on parade route except where indicated prior to parade.

        ·       No objects may be thrown or distributed from parade entry or participants.

        ·       Good sportsmanlike conduct is required at all times. Group will be disqualified from parade

              Day and future participation.

        ·       Any group which exceeds the noise limit as determined by HPCC or LAPD will be removed from the




        ·       Judging of entries will take place during the parade, at a designated location. 



        ·       First, Second and Third place trophies will be awarded to outstanding entries.







        Business/Sponsor: ____________________________________________________________


        Contact: __________________________________ Cell: ______________________________


        Address: __________________________________City ____________ST _____Zip ________


        Phone: _______________________________Fax:___________________________________


        E-mail:__________________________________________ @ ______________________



        ____   Holiday Angel                       $400   * Full page ad in parade program

                                                                    * Recognition by Parade Announcers


        ____   Santa’s Little Helper          $200   * 1/2 page ad in Parade program



        ____   Stocking Stuffer                 $100   * 1/4 page ad in Parade Program



        Please contact Parade Chair for cover advertisement prices.

        All materials submitted become property of the Holiday parade.

        Additional set-up or imprint charges will be billed at a rate of $50/hr.



        Please make check payable to: Northeast Los Angeles Holiday Parade.

         Complete and return this form along with your check, and camera-ready advertisement and/or art to:

        NELA Holiday Parade- 1270 N. Avenue 50, Los Angeles, CA 90042

         Advertisement DEADLINE – November 1, 2013


        For information, please call:  Yolanda Nogueira (323) 256-3151   xmanxins@...

                                                       Teri Bonsell          (323) 809-8564   teribonsell@... 

                                                              FAX               (323) 255-6352




        Please type or print in ink - fill in all spaces


        Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


        Organization: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


        Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


        City, State, Zip: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________


        Telephone: _______________________       Message: ________________________

        Fax: ____________________________        E-mail: __________________________


        WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO? Please check all that apply




        ____    Sponsorship                ____    Judging                                    ____    Entertainment (Winterfest)

        ____    Entries                         ____    Logistics (Parade)                   ____    V.I.P.

        ____    Publicity                       ____    Logistics (WinterFest)              ____    Clerical

        ____    Program                       ____    Entertainment  (Parade)           ____    Telephones    

        ____    Other __________________________________________________________________




        ___ Entry Check-in                  ___ Entry Line-up        ___ Judging                 ___ Banner Carriers

        ___ Program distribution         ___ Parade Monitor     ___ Parade Runner     ___ Security

        ___ Staging                             ___ Decorations          ___ V.I.P. Hostess      ___ WinterFest


        AVAILABILITY: (Please check all that apply)


        DAYS  Mon.    ____                Fri.    ____       TIME     10 a.m. – 12 p.m.         ____               

        Tues.   ____                Sat.   ____                   12 p.m. –   5 p.m.         ____

        Wed.    ____                Sun.  ____                     6 p.m. --   8 p.m.        ____

        Thurs.  ____  


        OUR Volunteers make the difference! COME JOIN THE FUN!

        Mail Form to:  NELA Annual Holiday Parade - 1270 N. Avenue 50, Los Angeles, CA 90042


        For information, please call:  Yolanda Nogueira (323) 256-3151   xmanxins@...

                                                       Teri Bonsell          (323) 809-8564  teribonsell@... 

                                                              FAX               (323) 255-6352

        ---In nelalist@yahoogroups.com, <xmanxins@...> wrote:

        Please join us in this years Holiday Parade.
        Yolanda Nogueira
        President- Highland Park Chamber of Commerce

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