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Re: 7-11 Stop/Shop at I-710/Valley - LA32NC TUESDAY 6-8pm ElSereno Library

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  • Clyde Williams
    THANKS JOE   I do not oppose nor support - First I want REAL AND CONSISTENT INFORMATION so I and all others can make an informed choices and decision....and
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 9, 2012
      I do not oppose nor support -
      First I want REAL AND CONSISTENT INFORMATION so I and all others can make an informed choices and decision....and ask meaningful questions = UNDERSTANDING AND CHOICES
      Come to the LUD Comte meeting Tuesday - I hope 2 hrs is enough - but remember it is the first meeting and we have to come up with a recommendation and help get a bigger meeting probably on Jan.2  4-6pm before the LA32NC mtg at 6-9pm
      Such that when one drawing say for displlay and storage of alcoholic beverages BUT all of the text does not mention the A-Word I become concern and tell the agent - say Y/N
      Yes I drink alcohol beer, wine, spirits from BigLot, BevMore, and TJs - AT HOME
      When the drawings show that the Gas Tankers have to come in from Highbury in order to deliver gas but they forget to mention that in order to get to the north bound Highbury they have to pass to pass thru Lillyvale and Bohlig I have problems as those streets have only 30-40ft clearances and the corners will be H-Word, then coming out after delivery the tanker has to take all three lanes to make the right turn on to Valley
      Then there is the P-Word, parking - one place they say 30 ps one place 20 one place 17 for the C-Store AND an undefined tenant in the back with only one door (Massage Parlor???)
      Yes almost anything would improve the lot - which is not owner occupied and yes I would prefer the RD zoning be developed for housing consistent with the surrounding housing
      We have another 7-11 under construction at this time on Huntington and the Franchisee stated - "No alcohol" at this time?????? One issue at a time
      There is existing grocery store based alcohol within 500ft of the 7-11 sites on Valley  and on Huntington
      I ask questions in order to get GOOD and CONSISTENT INFO for the LUD Comte of LA-32NC - ain't that what we are suppose to do - inform our neighbors and tell/help the Planning Dept to do their job.  OBTW I use to do the same thing in Dubai for the govt..for a lot more than these consultants are getting - critized as being pro-contractor but I said I am pro-project not pro-contractor because I want to get it done on time ONCE the decision is made....
      From: Joe Walker <joe_walker_2000@...>
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      Sent: Saturday, December 8, 2012 9:31 PM
      Subject: [nelalist] Re: 7-11 Stop/Shop at I-710/Valley - LA32NC TUESDAY 6-8pm ElSereno Library
      Are you suggesting the community oppose a new mini-mall at Valley and Highbury?  That area has been extremely run down for years.  I lived in those condos and that run down liquor store was always full of homeless people and not safe to walk to.  A 7-11 would improve the area a lot!

      --- On Sat, 12/8/12, ctwilliams2012 <mailto:ctwilliams2012%40yahoo.com> wrote:

      From: ctwilliams2012 <mailto:ctwilliams2012%40yahoo.com>

      Please be aware and assist with any good questions and eperiences with 7-11 elsewhere in NELA (north of I-10 and east of I-5

      >>>Really need help on this - ???NO ALCOHOL???

      LA-32 Neighborhood Council - First Meeting of new Committee

      MEETING AGENDA for Tuesday – December 11, 2012 6-8PM
      El Sereno Library - Eugene Estrada, Librarian, 323-225-9201
      5226 South Huntington Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90032

      1. Call to Order and Roll Call

      2. Review/establish Scheduled Meeting
      Invite Stakeholders to membership
      3. Elected Officials and/or City Department Member Comments
      4. Public Comment:within Committee's jurisdictions
      up to 3 minutes/speaker. - NOT more than 20 min
      5. Old Business - NONE
      6. New Business
      6.A 7-11 Project on Valley - 5350 W.Valley - Highbury Ave & I-710 South Bound Ramp/Valley SW-Corner
      Delvd. 11/17/12; Recd 12/05; Soonest Brd action 01/02/13 - Want to present before Board after the committee

      LUDComte shall consider and recommend actions to the Board
      NOT a NEW PROJECT FOR 7-11
      http://www.la32nc.org/index.html June 2011
      Conditional Use Permit (CUB) for sale of Beer & Wine for off-site consumption.
      Conditional Use Permit (CUZ) to operate the store 24 hours.
      7-Eleven representative decided in 2011 to put his proposal on hold.

      6.B SR-710 CSULA Meeting in January
      LADComte shall consider&recommend actions to the Board for January 2013

      6.C Status on 7-11 Project on Poplar (old) Demolition and Excavation Completed - Review ONLY
      6. Future Agenda Items Other Projects: Valley/Alhambra, Eastern, Huntington-W/C/E, Collis-Monterey Road,
      MTA's Call for Projects, MTABus 256/252, BigSaver and the Alpha/Huntington mall and turning issues
      7. Public Comment: Comments within Committee's jurisdictions and up to 3 minutes/speaker within Time.
      8. Adjournment 7:50pm

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