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Re: Proposed Mural on Mt. Wash Drive bulkhead

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  • Louis Mraz
    In Jan. 2000 the community along Bonview at the Cul de sac of Bryn Mahr Rd. was tired of trying to clean graffiti from the retaining wall that supports the cul
    Message 1 of 38 , Aug 1, 2011
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      In Jan. 2000 the community along Bonview at the Cul de sac of Bryn Mahr Rd. was tired of trying to clean graffiti from the retaining wall that supports the cul de sac.  I worked with the community and got the local school kids to propose parts for the design and a local artist, Lee McVetta incorporated all the kid's designs into a design that fit the curved, triangular area then found a tile company that had all the colors in 2x2 mosaic tiles.  The city under councilmember John Ferraro provided matching funds to the community and with the help of a group of at risk kids from the Venice area and a full sized print to copy the design onto the wall (24 feet by 48 feet!) set the tiles which were then grouted and sealed with silicone.  The tile is easy to clean and and so far it's lasted for about eleven years.
      Here's a partial picture of the finished mural.

      On Jul 30, 2011, at 6:49 P¿M, Warren Christensen wrote:


      Mr Inman is correct about the same location as previous graffiti last year  What needs clarification is what was proposed by the artists to the ASNC and approved, and what will be proposed to other Mt Washington organizations in the very near future.  What is being presented to the community by these young artists is not the graffiti that was there last year and it is not what is still there today for anyone to see.  

      What the ASNC approved was a letter to the City to begin a permit process to apply for a permanent mural for the same location based on what the artists created last summer for that location as a temporary installation, that many folks saw and liked and which was eventually removed to reveal what was there before and what you see there now.  It took the City less than one (1) to hour to remove this temporary art installation, peeling it off the wall using none of the paint-out you see today.    

      Last summer, Zack Christensen (BA graduate of USC Fine Arts), Jack Roman and some of their artistic neighbors and Mt Washington friends, disturbed by the painted out graffiti year after year on that wall, created art work on canvas and applied it with wheat pasted (much like wall paper) to create a wall of art produced and inspired by individuals who live in Mt Washington.  They created it elsewhere and applied it over the painted out graffiti that was repeatedly being painted out by the City over the years with worse results, motivated primarily by the idea that art is more acceptable on a wall that is constantly being tagged and painted over by the city.

      Zack and his supporters will continue making the rounds to Mt Washington groups to introduce this proposal to produce a permanent mural on this same wall.  They fully intend to submit an application to the proper city agencies who permit public art seeking approval for this project.  They are currently doing the appropriate outreach with the community for advise and consent to submit with the application to the city which will ultimately determine if a permit should be issued.

      In responding to this email thread with your point of view please consider that ART is subjective.  Not everybody will like or dislikes the same images.  The first amendment guides municipalities who choose to create a public policy and procedure for establishing public art programs. Taste in art is not and should not be a factor.    

      Warren Christensen, Zack's father.

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      From: Charles Inman <ChasInman@...>
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      Subject: [nelalist] Proposed Mural on Mt. Wash Drive bulkhead

      The ASNC passed a motion approving a letter to be sent to Cultural
      Affairs Office approving this project.
      This would be in the same location the previous graffiti was last year.
      Any comments?

      Charles Inman

    • Warren Christensen
      Thank you for the reminder. Our family has been on vacation camping high in the Sierra Mountains and completely out of any service area for cell phones,
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        Thank you for the reminder. Our family has been on vacation camping high in the Sierra Mountains and completely out of any service area for cell phones, computers, email etc. for all of last week and some days the week before. We came home very late on Friday night and got to the pile of mail waiting for us yesterday where we saw Ruth's invitation letter hand delivered to our mail box.

        I gave the letter to Zack to contact Ruth as she suggested. He indicated he will call her (perhaps he has by now). He told me he plans on being at the meeting and making the proposal at the time indicated in the letter (I believe she mentioned the agenda item could come up around 8PM).

        Hope this clarify's his intention to present the project on Sept 12 at the Carlin G Smith Center. around 8PM.

        Thank you again. Sorry about the delay in getting back.

        Warren Christensen

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        From: Christopher Howard <christohoward@...>

        At the MWHA board meeting this evening, boardmember Ruth Mehringer indicated she
        had not heard back, after repeated efforts to reach out, regarding the
        presentation to the Alliance.

        Chris Howard
        Boardmember MWHA

        --- In nelalist@yahoogroups.com, Warren Christensen <NNAPNOW@...> wrote:
        > Re: Proposed Mural. Here is an easy place to BE HEARD.
        > Thank you Marino for posting the links below. These two background stories
        are excellent introductions about the proposed mural project seeking permission
        from the City of Los Angeles for the bulkhead on Mt Washington Drive.
        > The proposal will be taken to the Mt Washington Association and the Mt
        Washington Homeowners Alliance sometime in September. The final approval
        process for acquiring a permit to do public art on the bulkhead lies with the
        decision of the Cultural Affairs Department.
        > I encourage everyone to read the two stories and place your comments in the
        space provided in the (HOPE TO PAY TRIBUTE) Patch article at the end of that
        story. It is an excellent way to have your voice heard especially if you think
        you will not be able to attend either meeting in September. However, you are
        encouraged to attend the meetings when they are announced for the two
        organizations (scheduling day and time for both hearings will be posted on
        NELALIST and their respective newsletters).
        > Out of respect for the First Amendment of our constitution and for the
        Rohman's family, I want to suggest limiting our comments to "Would you like or
        not like to see a mural on that bulkhead and why?"
        > The National Arts Endowment (a federal agency) and Public Art Councils
        throughout the United States have weighed in about policy for public art in a
        city or state when choosing content. Art is subjective and taste in art is an
        impossible criteria for consensus when inviting public input and therefore
        should not be the determining factor.
        > We look forward to your comments.
        > Warren Christensen
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