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Huge Solar Panels on hillside in Montecito Hts

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  • Clare MK
    Dear NorthEast Community: A giant Solar Panel Array measuring 300 by 80 has been approved for the empty hillside next to the Audubon Center and Debs Park
    Message 1 of 56 , Aug 31, 2010
      Dear NorthEast Community:

      A giant "Solar Panel Array" measuring 300' by 80' has been approved for the empty hillside next to the Audubon Center and Debs Park above Griffin Avenue - with absolutely no public notification or input.

      When traveling northbound on the Arroyo Parkway, the slope and the recently dug holes, and what look like tracks in the soil, are very visible, as they are when looking across the Arroyo Seco from the Southwest Museum.

      Construction will soon be underway - there was a very large crane on site yesterday.

      Folks, I am all for solar energy - but this appears highly excessive. The panel will stand out like a sore thumb for the foreseeable future - there is no way to mitigate the visual blight of something that will be a monstrous carbuncle on the face of our community.

      Can you imagine this happening with no community input in the Hollywood Hills, the Sta Monica Mountains? It should not happen to our neighborhood.

      Please contact Councilmember Ed Reyes at 213-473-7001 or, email Rebecca.Valdez@..., Chief Planning Deputy; and Jose.Gardea@..., Chief of Staff; and Councilmember Jose Huizar at 213-473-7014 or email Zenay.Loera@... NorthEast District Director.

      Please tell them we need an immediate, temporary halt to construction, in order for the community to become informed about the project. Once it goes up, it's not coming down and we will have to live with it. Let's see if we can discuss and secure some/any/all of the following: alternatives, down-sizing, relocation, mitigation...

    • Gloria Schneider
      Tom and all, Let s get focused on the real issues. This is not about a community project to beautify or restore a landscape after it has been so impacted. That
      Message 56 of 56 , Sep 20, 2010
        Tom and all,

        Let's get focused on the real issues.

        This is not about a community project to beautify or restore a landscape after
        it has been so impacted. That is like putting "Lipstick on a Pig."

        The real issues are:

        * This project so big, and in our face? Should we be asking Broadview what to
        limit its size? What have they done in the way of conservation and increased
        energy efficiency? The best energy generation project is one that we don't have
        to don't have to build. Aren't there tax incentives for conservation and energy
        efficiency that would make these alternatives attractive to down size this
        * There should be alternative locations for solar panels that are more
        suitable. Obviously we all agree on solar PV on roof tops. This creates no
        additional impervious surfaces that cause problems in our watershed of increased
        runoff (both rate and quantity). But Broadview in an environmentally sensitive
        way has many trees that shade its structures. (we should all be that fortunate.)
        So the alternatives that need to be considered should include relocation of the
        PV to another site. DWP is supposed to have a program whereby sites that have
        shading or other problems in siting PV on-site that allows for net metering
        credits for an off-site PV installation. This project could possibly relocated
        to a large roof top and or to provide shade over a parking lot. The currently
        remodeling of the Fresca Market at the Monterey Plaza might be a suitable
        alternative where Broadview could get credit for the solar energy feeding into
        the grid. We should be asking how this can be done.
        * If we can't relocate or downsize this project, then we do need to address
        mitigation. (almost like Lipstick.) We should be asking Broadview and our city
        agencies questions to how this project will look when fully installed. In
        addition to the panels and their support structures there will be cable ways and
        possibly stairs or other access paths traversing the hill. There will be issues
        of concentrated stormwater runoff and potential errosion.What are Broadview's
        plans for mitigating stormwater runoff and erosion?I could write volumes on
        stormwater and erosion control as well as on revegetation or restoration of
        natural landscapes. This is not the time or place.

        Jerry Schneider
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