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  • Bradley
    Good Day And A Happy Hello To Ya : Sorry folks that I haven t been in the Mix of things via E-Mail and that I am sending you this information midweek but my
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2001
      Good Day And A Happy Hello To Ya':

      Sorry folks that I haven't been in the "Mix" of things via E-Mail and that I am sending you this information midweek but my computer system was 'upgraded' and she was not going to overcome her fear of change and revolution without a battle. .. you folks know how it is! Whew! That's over!

      Our next Glassell Park Neighborhood Council Advisory Committee "General Meeting" is being held on Monday November 5th, 2001 at 6:30pm - 8:00pm by the Glassell Park Elementary School located at 2211 West Avenue 30 in the fine and dignifed community of Glassell Park!

      Bring your issues, concerns, and ideas about what your vision is for the community and how we are to help realize that goal. We are also fortunate to have guest speakers from DONE that will answer your questions regarding Media Promo on N.C.'s and the update on the "Certification Process" that we are currently proceeding with! Your concerns are our concerns. Be there people, this is all for your benefit - seize the opportunity to make your voice heard!

      Now, for those late bloomers, The Community of Glassell Park is one of the (4) communities in the City of Los Angeles to sucessfully submit a complete "Certification Application" and the FIRST for the Northeast L.A. Community (Other communities like ER, HP, LH, and the ASNC et.al. are to submit shortly) We have been mentioned in the Daily News and other publications because of our 'agressive outreach efforts' and our mobilizing methods to unify our community! Glassell Park strives to endeavor!

      For anyone who has witnessed the dedication and hard work of the community canvassors, our organizing team members, the team leaders, and all of the volunteers that came forward to elevate our community, you know that this is so deserved. Please join me in saying to each and everyone of them "CONGRATULATIONS" And "THANK-YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR OUR COMMUNITY"! Those that have volunteered are shining examples of how participation, dedication, and the willingness to embrace our ethnic, cultural, and diversified environment have shown us that the dream for the "Best Quality Of Life" in our community is within our grasp!We are the shining example of what the City of Los Angeles was meant to be! It's your voice, It's your neighborhood, It's your City! Become involved!

      On a lighter note, The Dept. of Neigh. Empowerment (DONE) has another "Certification Workshop" scheduled for Saturday November 3rd, 2001 at Loyola Marymount University. Registration and Continental Breakfast (Good Stuff-Folks) begins at 7:30pm and the workshop begins at 8:30am sharp! No kidding! If you are still navigating this whole process, I would suggest you attend. So much information is being offered at these seminars, you cannot affort to miss this opportunity!

      And don't forget the GPNC meeting Monday at Glassell Park Elementary School at 6:30pm! It's your future! Okay - See ya' there!

      GPNC Advisory Committee Chairman
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