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Glassell Park NC, Tuesday 6/23, 7pm

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  • james33h
    REGULAR STAKEHOLDER MEETING (7PM – 9PM) 1 Welcome, Sign In, and Introductions 2 Status Report, Approval of Minutes – Gladys Pinto-Munoz , Secretary a.What
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 20, 2009

      1 Welcome, Sign In, and Introductions
      2 Status Report, Approval of Minutes – Gladys Pinto-Munoz , Secretary
      a.What to do with past/unapproved minutes (see Report)
      b.Consideration of Board Policy on Spanish language minutes
      3 Officials Comments – CD1, CD13, CD14, DONE, LAUSD, Mayors Office (15 Minutes)
      4 Legislative Committee Report on the Lincoln Heights/GPNC Forclosure Forum – Paula
      Bagasao, Co Chair
      5 Announcements/reports of Community Events
      6 Discussion of Roles/Responsibilities of Officers per Brian Kenney

      Agenda Items to Discuss/Consider for Action
      1 Treasurers Items – Maggie Darett-Quiroz, Treasurer
      (a) Status on an amended Budget for 08/09 per Finance Committee
      (b) Monthly report on expenditures and balances
      (c) Status on 09/10 Budget to DONE
      2 Nomination for Vacant Business Representative (previously held by
      Brian Fitzburgh)
      3 Nomination for Vacant At Large Representative (previously held by Mark Quiroz)
      4 Ad Hoc Transportation Committee Update – Brian Kenney, Acting Chair
      5 Recommendations/Status on Web Site proposals – Brian Kenney, Acting Chair
      6 Discussion about having a 'Code of Conduct' for the Board
      7 Education Committee Report – Paula Bagasao, Acting Chair
      (a)New School Principals
      (b)LAUSD Budget Cuts
      (c)New High School on San Fernando Road
      (d)Status of LA Community College Campus in Glassell Park (May
      18th Forum), and recommendation to send letter to the Community College
      (e) New Charter Schools and recommended letter of support
      8 Stakeholder signup for Committees and representation at various City entities
      9 Clarification on Committee membership & Voting per the GPNC Standing Rules
      (Rule 7) which states that Committee membership will be initiated with a sign-up sheet
      presented to Board member stakeholders at the time, and Rule 12, directing that the
      GPNC Board will approve the number of members of each committee, between a minimum of
      three and a maximum of nine voting members (Sign-Up sheet available at Board Meeting)
      10 Discussion/appointment/reappointment of official GPNC representatives to various
      City entities (DWP, DOT, Planning, CPAB, City Clerk Elections, Rec & Park Advisory Board.
      11 Grants & Funding Committee Recommendations: (including a discussion/vote on
      members of the committee)
      (a) LAPD SLO - $1000
      (b) Drew Estara Street Party $1000 - Area 1 Outreach
      (c) Santa Cecilia Orchestra $6000 - education/instruction

      12 Communications:
      Motion request by Paula Bagasao to require all Committees subject to
      the Brown Act to email agendas for their meetings at the same time that
      they are posted (email attached)
      13 Request for update/status reports on
      a.GPNC Postcards
      b.Website Updates (current website)
      d.DWP Field Trip offers
      14 Notice from the Veterans Committee that their approved project for a Veterans
      Memorial is withdrawn, and the process will restart based on CD13's request
      to place the project within the Recreation & Parks boundaries
      B Public Comment Period
      C Adjourn

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