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Re: KMEX-TV Channel 34 Joins Lummis Day as a Media Sponsor

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  • christopher howard
    Content from previous Lummis Day press releases is repeated In this latest update, to notify, in a professional manner, organizations who use such information
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      Content from previous Lummis Day press releases is repeated In this latest update, to notify, in a professional manner, organizations who use such information in news-making.

      In context of the Lummis event press release producer, these remarks by linguist and political scientist Noam Chomsky also bear repeating and aid in illuminating the connections between Lummis Day, Southwest Society, Universal and Political Fundraising.

      - chris howard

      ...So we need something to tame the bewildered herd, and that something is this
      new revolution in the art of democracy: the "manufacture of consent." The media,
      the schools, and popular culture have to be divided. For the political class and
      the decision makers have to give them some tolerable sense of reality, although
      they also have to instill the proper beliefs. Just remember, there is an
      unstated premise here. The unstated premise --and even the responsible men have
      to disguise this from themselves -- has to do with the question of how they get
      into the position where they have the authority to make decisions. The way they
      do that, of course, is by serving people with real power. The people with real
      power are the ones who own the society, which is a pretty narrow group. If the
      specialized class can come along and say, I can serve your interests, then
      they'll be part of the executive group. You've got to keep that quiet. That
      means they have to have instilled in them the beliefs and doctrines that will
      serve the interests of private power. Unless they can master that skill, they're
      not part of the specialized class. They have to be deeply indoctrinated in the
      values and interests of private power and the state-corporate nexus that
      represents it. If they can get through that, then they can be part of the
      specialized class. The rest of the bewildered herd just have to be basically
      distracted. Turn their attention to something else....

      --- In nelalist@yahoogroups.com, Lummis Day <lummisday@...> wrote:
      > KMEX-TV, the leading Spanish-language television
      > station in the country, has become a media sponsor for
      > Lummis Day: The Festival of Northeast L.A.
      > The third annual Lummis Day: The Festival of
      > Northeast Los Angeles, will be presented by the
      > Annenberg Foundation and the Autry National Center and
      > will celebrate the diverse cultures and history of the
      > L.A.'s Arroyo neighborhoods with June 1 events--free
      > and open to the public--at Lummis Home and Sycamore
      > Grove Park. Performers--all with roots in Northeast
      > Los Angeles--will include nationally and regionally
      > celebrated artists performing in Spanish, English and
      > Tagalog.
      > This year's Festival will be preceded by a series of
      > readings and poetry workshops at Los Angeles Public
      > Libraries and an April 26 fund-raising event at Casa
      > de Adobe. Info on the Festival and its programs is
      > available at www.LummisDay.org
      > Lummis Day takes its name from Charles Fletcher
      > Lummis, who joined the L.A. Times as the newspaper's
      > first city editor in 1876. A prolific writer and
      > photographer, Lummis was also one of the city's first
      > librarians, founded the Southwest Museum and helped
      > introduce the concept of multi-culturalism to Southern
      > California.
      > KMEX-TV, Channel 34 is the flagship station of the
      > Univision Television Group, Inc., the country's
      > leading Spanish-language television station group.
      > The company operates 21 full-power and seven low-power
      > television stations and two television translator
      > stations.
      > Lummis Day: The Festival of Northeast Los Angeles
      > is presented by the Annenberg Foundation and the Autry
      > National Center. Festival sponsors include the
      > Department of Recreation and Parks, the Arroyo Seco,
      > Eagle Rock, Greater Cypress Park and Historic Highland
      > Park Neighborhood Councils, public radio station KPFK
      > 90.7, the Arroyo Seco Journal, Poets & Writers, Inc,
      > the North Figueroa Association, Los Angeles City
      > Council Districts 1 and 14, the Historical Society of
      > Southern California, Heritage Square Museum, the
      > Highland Park Heritage Trust, the Mount Washington
      > Association, the L.A. Poetry Festival, and other
      > community organizations.
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      > Contact: Eliot Sekuler 818-535-9178
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