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Help Fight The Proposed McDonald's at 3901 Eagle Rock Blvd.

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  • Tony Scudellari
    There many of us who are opposed to a proposed McDonald s at 3901 Eagle Rock Blvd. in Glassell Park; we are asking our neighbors to join us. The reasons for
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 2, 2003
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      There many of us who are opposed to a proposed McDonald's at 3901 Eagle
      Rock Blvd. in Glassell Park; we are asking our neighbors to join us.
      The reasons for our opposition include (forgive the length but there is
      a lot here to deal with):

      a) Our area has more than enough fast food chains (at last count,
      there are over 60 fast food establishments - including 7 McDonald's -
      within a 3 mile radius of
      the proposed McDonald's at 3901 Eagle Rock Blvd.). This was underscored
      by last month's LA Times article by Mary McNamara which pointed out how
      production staff from Playboy (who recently moved to Glassell Park from
      Beverly Hills) have nowhere to go for lunch but burger joints.

      b) Another McDonald's is contrary to the Planning Commission's own
      Northeast Community Plan, which calls for a diversity of commercial
      development in
      Northeast LA.

      c) Northeast LA needs (and would support) other types of businesses
      in the area besides drive-through fast food chains, such as retail
      ventures, bookstores, coffeehouses and
      sit-down restaurants. The tax revenue the City of Los Angeles could
      receive from such businesses ends up going to our neighbors in Glendale
      and Pasadena.
      This is because those of us who live in Northeast LA are forced to go
      elsewhere because of the lack of diversity of commercial services as
      cited in the Northeast Community

      d) The Glassell Park Improvement Association (GPIA) has done two
      different marketing surveys of residents over the years. The results of
      both surveys show
      that, overwhelmingly, residents want a sit-down restaurant as their
      first choice for new development in the area and not another fast food
      chain with a drive-through.
      In November, a referendum was brought before the GPIA membership on
      whether they would support a McDonald's with a drive-through at 3901
      Eagle Rock
      Blvd. 82.7% of the members who voted opposed this McDonald's.

      e) Fast food restaurants are notorious for generating garbage on the
      streets of the neighborhoods where they are located. We do not need
      another source of
      pollution in our community.

      f) Crime and gang activity is a major concern. In McDonald's
      presentation to the Zoning Administrator, they want to have this branch
      open until 1:00am during
      the weekends. We are concerned that this will become a hang-out for
      gang members. In their presentation, McDonald's said they would not
      provide any additional

      g) Traffic flow on Eagle Rock Blvd. will be negatively impacted by
      the proposed McDonald's. In McDonald's presentation to the Zoning
      Administrator, they
      asked that a left turn area be placed on Eagle Rock Blvd. between
      Verdugo Road and Avenue 40 to enter the proposed McDonald's. The
      constant ingress and
      egress from a drive through onto Eagle Rock Blvd. will cause greater
      congestion than what already exists. In the immediate area is the off
      ramp for the
      northbound 2 Freeway, as well as a charter school, the Glassell Park
      Recreation Center, a post office and an apartment complex, which are
      across the street.

      h) There is nothing in McDonald's presentation that includes any
      type of crosswalks. This poses a great risk to the children at the
      charter school and those who
      might come from the Recreation Center who may want to cross Eagle Rock

      i) With all the efforts LAUSD is taking to rid the schools of junk
      food, it would be a travesty to allow one of the worst offenders of
      malnutrition of our children
      so close to a school.

      j) The Eagle Rock Blvd. corridor is one of the areas where there is
      great potential for better development. It is one of the reasons it has
      been included in the
      proposed CDO for Cypress Park and Glassell Park. The area of 3901 Eagle
      Rock Blvd falls within the boundaries of this CDO. As proposed right
      now, this
      CDO would not allow for this McDonald's to be built. Why allow it now?

      k) Anyone reading the business section of the paper is aware that
      McDonald's is in financial trouble. Profits for McDonald's are lower
      for the seventh time in the
      last eight quarters. In October, McDonald's Corporation announced it
      will pare down new openings of McDonald's and close existing locations.
      The Corporation
      will also step up investment in its other chains, including Chipotle
      Grill, Boston Market and Donato's Pizzeria. Various financial analysts
      have pointed out that
      management at McDonald's newer locations have been sub par and are a
      major reason for both the poor quality of service and food. If
      McDonald's does open a new chain at 3901
      Eagle Rock Blvd., is that what can be expected from yet another
      McDonald's in our area?

      For those who are opposed to the proposed McDonald's, there are a number
      of ways to help:

      1) Sign a copy of the petition that is available and have your friends
      and neighbors sign it also (please contact me if you would like a copy
      of the petition).

      2) Send emails expressing your opposition to the proposed McDonald's to
      Councilmember Eric Garcetti (the McDonald's is within his council
      district). Please be sure to note that you are opposed to the granting
      of the Conditional Use Permit for the proposed McDonald's at 3901 Eagle
      Rock Blvd. in Glassell Park. Please cc a copy to me
      (tscud1@...); I will be presenting the petitions and emails to
      the Zoning Administrator to show the community's opposition to this

      Councilmember Garcetti's email address is garcetti@...

      3) Anyone who wants to help in any other way can contact me at

      Thanks for your time and consideration. If you have any questions,
      please feel free to contact me.

      Happy New Year to you all!


      Tony Scudellari
    • Judith Dancoff
      It is interesting that while McDonald s is rushing to build new restaurants in N.E. LA, recent news reports on NPR and in the LA Times indicate that since the
      Message 2 of 2 , Jan 2, 2003
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        It is interesting that while McDonald's is rushing to build new restaurants
        in N.E. LA, recent news reports on NPR and in the LA Times indicate that
        since the McDonald's Corporation has been losing money, their new trend is
        toward "fewer but better" restaurants. Is their intention to glut the 3rd
        world of LA (or their perception thereof) with crappy food, before upgrading
        their Beverly Hills stores? One would love to see their coporate plans on

        J. Dancoff
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