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Re: Was an Election Stolen?

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  • lewislwong
    Mike, I hope you can, as soon as the first meeting s agenda setting is open for agenda input from the board members, enter an agenda for this offer to produce
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 1, 2007

      I hope you can, as soon as the first meeting's agenda setting is open
      for agenda input from the board members, enter an agenda for this
      offer to produce the program that I am talking about.

      Please direct me to appear before your board when it is ready to hear
      me out. You probably will need to agendize with the one who sets the
      agenda in order for me to have more than 3 minutes to answer
      questions from the board members to get an understanding and a better
      communication connection.

      Anyone in the baord meeting or stakeholder that has an online laptop
      computer in the meeting will be able to access the resources of the
      program that I am talking about. I can better explain if my online
      resources are ready to be shown during the meeting.

      The Glassell Park NC may be able to generate a team of "Vocational
      instruction presenters" through this program. They can form a
      committee for that purpose. I hope to be a member of that committee
      as a nonprofit stakeholder.

      The reason why Portland Oregon's neighborhood association system has
      the nation's highest rate of stakeholder participation is because
      their association or board members actually "Run" program through
      their committees, independent of the city agencies. That has been the
      way since 1960, for half a century. I hope Glassell Park NC will be
      able to benefit from the experience of that system.
      The other foremost empowerment movement of equal premiership is
      Raleigh neighborhood associations and their centralized committee on
      neighborhood development. Their strength is also based on "Committee"
      level involvement. Both cities have only a fraction of LA's
      population (Raleigh is only the size of Highland Park in population).

      Let me congratulate you that you belong to a new NC with new hope.

      Lewis Wong

      --- In nelalist@yahoogroups.com, "mgealer@..." <mgealer@...> wrote:
      > Lewis,
      > Absolutely, bring ALL of your ideas to Bradley and Paula Bagasao or
      > whomever becomes chair, probably Bradley, since it was the Bradley
      > slate. Bradley has a history of espousing inclusiveness and
      > delegating. Keep us updated.
      > - m. gealer
      > .. Diversity in ethnicity might be a promise for diversity in
      > program and
      > funding.
      > I have been to Glassell Park NC and tried to introduce a Business
      > Executives vocational program for free (And test the result) and was
      > told to go to a junior college to introduce my program.
      > There was definitely no communication barrier with Caucasian for I
      > not speak Spanish. What distressed me is that several board members
      > like
      > the program by only one board member has the final say for holding
      > chairmanship. I wish Thomas Jefferson is alive and speak to that NC
      > and remind the baord that the Mayflower's passenger is willing to
      > the harsh land so that they have no one to tell them what to think
      > how to believe.
      > When is the NC going to have a Mayflower's spirit? Or Noah's? For
      > matter?
      > Sincerely,
      > Lewis Wong
      > Former NC director and officer 03-04
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