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38310Re: [nelalist] 2014 Aldama Transitional Kindergarten e nrollment…too late?

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  • Tira Howard
    Jul 20, 2014
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      I think eagle rock elementary has a TK program if you live in their district. I think the only requirement there is that you enroll within their time frame. Someone should answer the phone there. 

      Los Feliz Charter school for the arts also has a TK program. There is a waiting list though. I think you'd have to wait until the fall to see if a space might open up after the dust clears and all the parents decide where their child will go, thus opening up wait list spots.  Aldama may be a similar situation. The parents that got those spots initially, may not use them, and there may be space for your child. Good Luck!

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      I understand (now) that there was a line-up to make an enrollment appointment for Aldama Elementary's 2014-15 transitional kindergarten/dual-language program back in January. I am really hoping to enroll my 4 yr old (turning 5 mid-Sept) in the Aldama Elementary TK program, but it appears that I may have missed the boat (especially after learning that parents start lining up for enrollment appointments at 5am!!!)  Obviously, no one is in the office @ Aldama over the summer, so I'm not really sure if there is anyone to speak with at this point.  Any recommendations or advice?  Is there any chance of getting him in?

      If not, are there other options for getting him in a TK program at another elementary school in the area (Mt Washington, Eagle Rock, etc)?  Any advice is greatly appreciated!

      Todd in HP

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