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38259Re: Anyone else have pinhole leaks in water main near meter?

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  • Jane Demian
    Jun 29, 2014
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      In reply to big DWP bills, we have been disputing several issues with DWP regarding a huge bill we received in April of this year.  Apparently, their computer system estimates bills, and in our case, was estimating since October 2013.  This year they determined our actual water usage and tabulated it all together in one HUGE bill in April.  That practice caused the bill to reflect a large Tier 2 charge.  If the correct amounts had been tabulated all along, we would only be paying Tier 1 charges.  Since our DWP dispute, we are checking our water meter daily, with a photo record of our meter number and reading, so that this kind of discrepancy will not occur in the future.  Also checking your water usage daily helps with water conservation.  Estimating bills, as has been DWP practice, does not help with water conservation efforts.  I suggest you talk to a DWP supervisor, and if you need more help contact your Councilman's office.  -- Jane Demian
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