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38248Re: [nelalist] Re: Removal of southbound lane on Figueroa

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  • hauntedcasa@...
    Jun 27 11:40 AM
      Hi working class drivers,
      If you don't really need to get to work on time and it is okay with your boss, then I guess it is okay to take a whole car lane away so that we can accommodate those wonderful people who ride a bicycle.  If students and school staff don't have to be on time to go to school, then in the long run maybe graduation will be later than sooner.  Maybe that is a good thing!  If the paramedics don't have to respond to an emergency as soon as possible, I guess it's okay for the potential victim to wait some more but don't hold your breath!  If your house is on fire, I guess it's okay that it may burn to the ground.  If there is a crime in progress, I guess the would be innocent victims will just have to ask themselves "Do I feel lucky?"  While all the motorists in gridlock on North Figueroa are stuck, maybe everybody should get out of their cars and have a street party!  I think that might be more fun than going to work, school or a doctor's appointment. 
      Hurrah for the Bike Lane! 
      In a message dated 6/26/2014 5:38:38 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, nelalist@yahoogroups.com writes:

      Hi Angelica,

      Thank you for the information.  After reading the LADOT report( pasted below). I know there is an update that traffic lanes wont be taken away from the small stretch from avenue 28 to San Fernando. However, I am curious on the long and narrow Northbound stretch between York and Colorado that would make that a two lane hwy?  
      One of my concerns is with Nightingale and Burbank middle schools.  I believe that Nightingale has over 2800 children.  Hence, Figueroa is crazy right there with parental drop off, school, and MTA buses.  
      1. N. Figueroa Street – The proposed project would reduce traffic lanes in several segments along N. Figueroa Street: between San Fernando Road and I-110 ramps, and the two northbound lanes along Figueroa Street would be reduced to a single northbound lane. Between I-110 ramps and Pasadena Avenue, the project would eliminate one southbound lane. Between Pasadena Avenue and York Boulevard, the two southbound lanes would be reduced to a single southbound lane. Between York Boulevard and Colorado Boulevard, both northbound and southbound lanes would be reduced from two to one. These changes would cause the proposed project to result in potentially significant impacts at the following three intersections:

        • Intersection #44: N. Figueroa Street/Colorado Boulevard (AM and PM)

        • Intersection #45: N. Figueroa Street/York Boulevard (AM and PM)

        • Intersection #47: N. Figueroa Street/Avenue 26 (AM and PM)

          Currently, all five study intersections operate satisfactorily at LOS D or better in the AM and PM peak hours. The proposed project would cause the above three intersections to operate unsatisfactorily at LOS E or F in the AM peak hour. These intersections would continue to operate satisfactorily at LOS D or better conditions in the PM peak hour. It is noted that during the AM peak hour, the N. Figueroa Street/San Fernando Road intersection would experience a minor decrease in delay. This intersection’s most congested movement is the southbound left turn from Figueroa Street to San Fernando Road. The project would change the northbound shared lane into a right turn lane. This change makes it easier for the left turning vehicles from Figueroa Street to perceive the oncoming traffic and make their turn, reducing the intersection delay. 

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