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Live Bee Removal

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      Hi neighbors! Bee swarming season is coming up soon and I wanted to inform you about our live bee removal service located right in Highland Park. We at Sweet Bee Removal are beekeepers and specialize in ethical, no-kill honey bee removal, whether it be a swarm on a branch or an older hive inside a wall, we do it all. Bees are relocated in bee boxes to other area beekeepers or kept by us so they can continue to thrive and benefit our local environment. Presently we maintain 6 beehives in the NE LA area and several more around greater LA. 

      Bee removal is difficult and strenuous work and we don't bother trying to compete with exterminators. We do cost more but saving bees is worth it. As you may have heard bees are suffering losses nationwide and we intend to help save and foster healthy bees for the future of our environment and food supply.

      If you have a bee problem feel free to give us a call at 323-892-4170, or visit sweetbeeremoval.com for an estimate. Help out a local business and local bees while you're at it!

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