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37802Monday Morning Marketing Express

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  • Cheryl
    Jan 14, 2014
      Mondays at 8am
      Coffee Table in Eagle Rock
      1958 Colorado Blvd. (meet in the back dining room)

      Calling all entrepreneurs and small biz owners: It's Monday morning, do you know how you are promoting your business this week? Let's get cracking! We'll meet with laptops and tablets, armed and ready to post our status updates, message board notices and community calendar events about what we're offering this week (and perhaps looking ahead as well). 

      This is no time for chit chat; this is a working meetup. We'll take a few moments to share with each other what we're offering, so that we can help cross-promote each other's businesses, as well. Then we'll get down to business, posting and promoting. 

      Kindly support the Coffee Table with a beverage or food purchase.

      Questions?  Call/text Cheryl at 818-398-4995.

      Posted by Cheryl Leutjen, Cheryl@...  
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