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37542Re: [nelalist] Re: A Conversation with Glassell Park/Cypress Park

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  • Deborah C Voigt
    Oct 25, 2013
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      Hi Jen,

      Below is from a previous nelalist conversation which I saved for the future in case I find another stray.  FYI.  >Deborah 

      There is no rescue dog group per se. So far the protocol is to either 1.) try and rescue the dog yourself and find the owner if the dog has a tag or microchip (you can get strays scanned at any LAAS shelter or veterinarian) or by putting up found fliers, or 2.) call LAAS and report the dog and see when and if an officer can come out and pick up. There are individual breed rescues in the greater LA area (e.g. Boxer Rescue of LA, Westside German Shepard Rescue of LA, etc.) and other rescues (Downtown Dog Rescue, Hope for Paws) who you can contact to see if they can help or refer you.

      On another note, I am currently working at fling a 501c3 for non-profit corp so that I can get NELA Animal Project/Center up and running. Our sole mission is to provide the communities of North East LA with animal and pet care resources, information, networking and guidance. LA Animal Services does not have the budget to staff and coordinate outreach and community engagement initiatives in the area that it so desperately needs. Our center plans to fill in this void and provide the community with necessary services and information it needs to help create a more humane environment and hopefully reduce the % of animal intake at North Central Animal Care Center (aka Lacy Street), ideally reducing the % of animal euthanasia. I hope to have the project/center affiliated with a new pet supply store in Highland Park up and running within a year. In the meantime if any member of this group needs any information on anything animal related, feel free to email me directly as I'd be more than happy to help.

      Dali Colorado
      NELA Animal Project/Center

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      On Oct 24, 2013, at 1:41 AM, jen byrne <jenbyrne69@...> wrote:


      I wish 'Animal Services' was included on this list!
      This area needs some attention paid to the severely underfunded dept and outreach to the neighbors about Animal Welfare!

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