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  • Scott Rubel
    Sep 2 5:59 PM
      I do not buy things I do not need to "support jobs." That kind of thinking wastes money and creates environmental destruction. Jobs should exist to create things and services of value. As long as disposable bags provide enough value and convenience, fine, but If bags fall out of favor, it won't be the first time in history things change for our economy.

      There is a logical dishonesty in the law that requires us to be charged ten cents for a bag. The cost is not enough to deter people much. Plus, it only applies to bags. If the real goal is to decrease waste and to help our environment, this charge should be on every single take-out container of every kind. Discouraging the use of a plastic bag and not a styrofoam lunch box or plastic cup makes no sense.


      On Sep 2, 2013, at 8:20 AM, <car2532002@...> <car2532002@...> wrote:

      As you mentioned the reason they voted against banning plastic bags was because jobs would be lost. 
      First plastic bags came in and we were told they were good because it would save trees.  Now we are told they are bad.   It all comes down to jobs.    I support buying paper bags where you have to.   Support jobs.  And, for those that want to keep using their own reusable bags, please wash them!!  Don't carry those germ filled bags to the store with you.
      Support jobs.  Buy the paper bags.

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