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  • car2532002
    Aug 31, 2013

      It is incorrect that the city and LAUSD can use gas leaf blowers.   That is totally incorrect.  Many employees are ignorant of the law.  They are not allowed to use them within a certain amount of feet of any home.  So, if you see a employee using them call 311 and report it.  And, let the offender know too.


      Santa Monica Conservancy is one of the worse offenders.  They illegally use a gas leaf blower but after many attempts with the city, the city finally told them to stop or they would be cited.  They did stop using them but I noticed recently they started using them again.


      No, the government workers are NOT exempt from the law.  Report them.



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      I am late to this thread. most gardeners do not know anything about soil types or how to get healthy soil. they would not use blowers if that were the case! and in most cases they have minimal plant knowledge.
      anyway....I do not know who was looking for someone to do maintenance, but I own a landscape design/build and maintenance company. I am a.horticulturalist as well as designer. we practice organic gardening too
      so if the person who was.originally looking for someone.to do maintenance still is my information is:
      Katharine Pinney
      Gung Hoe Garden Girls

      john garcia <certarborist@...> wrote:

      >the city of los Angeles and lausd both use leaf blowers so if its good enough for government its good enough for homeowners also and a gardener does not need to have knowledge of trees , he is a gardener not a arborist or tree trimmer . a gardener needs to have knowledge of soil types and shrubbery and groundcover as well as plants .
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      >Well the law is the law but can you use an electric leaf
      >blower?   Does it not also blow fine particles into the air? 
      >When you use an electric or gas lawnmower does it not throw fine particles into
      >the air?  How about a weed whacker?  And don't forget the weekly
      >street cleaners and trash trucks.  They smell.  How
      >about America's past time when people barbecue?  That has lots of
      >particles of stink.
      >So while the law is the law remember that the leaf blower was invented so
      >that home owners would stop using their water hose to wash down the driveways,
      >sidewalks and streets.  That was a waste of water.
      >In a message dated 8/30/2013 8:21:15 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
      >gabriele360@... writes:

      >>Please--when hiring or giving a reference for a gardener, please remember that there is a law against using a gas powered leaf blower. All too many yard men ignore the law and using the blowers sends fine particles of dust, etc. around the property where they're working but into surrounding areas.
      > men doing the work will say 'oh, that law doesn't apply to me', or 'this
      > customer doesn't care' or 'I have a permit' and all of those are not
      > acceptable excuses. The law applies throughout the City of Los Angeles. The
      > owner may not care because they're unaware of the law (or accept the worker's
      > lies) and there are no permits which allow the use of the blowers.
      > only once a week" What if you have a neighbor with a serious breathing
      > condition? Isn't once a week too often to force that person to deal with the
      > added problems the fine particular matter poses?
      >>"It doesn't hurt anyone".
      > First of all, yes it does. And second---it shows that the worker who refuses
      > to follow the law is demonstrating that they consider themselves above the
      > law. What other laws might they decide don't or shouldn't apply to them?
      >>And when selecting a gardener make certain they know and can identify
      > a Tree of Heaven and know that it should not be allowed to flourish. It is
      > invasive and very difficult to remove once established.
      > you.
      >>--- In mailto:nelalist%40yahoogroups.com, JVegaTrio@... wrote:
      >>> Daniel Diaz: 323-344-1063. He's
      > local (Highland Park), professional, and
      >>> reasonable.
      > Cheers,
      >>> JV
      >>> Juan Vega
      >>> In a
      > message dated 8/28/2013 1:24:09 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
      > leskaye2000@... writes:
      >>> Otherwise,
      > I guess I should also be asking for gardener recommendations.
      > Les
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