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  • hauntedcasa@...
    Aug 30, 2013
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      Hello Hilda,
      When gardener Trihn mentioned that gasoline blowers send particles of dust and etc. he should have said dangerous gasoline particles emitted into the air first.  That I and everyone else would understand and we agree with you.  But now it is time for all gardeners to bring out their big garden brooms and rakes to do the same job.  Or at least and electric blower.
      In a message dated 8/30/2013 11:28:56 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, jhw@... writes:

      I don't quite understand the point here. Gas leaf blowers are illegal in a residential area. They are dangerous and harmful for the operator, the people around them and the environment. 

      Are there other things that are also dangerous? Yes. Of course. Are leaf blowers handy? Yes. Do they do a good job? Yes. So did DDT.  But the harm it and leaf blowers cause was deemed to be more than the good. So they are ILLEGAL. Anyone allowing their gardener to use them is a party to a crime and to an act that may cause injury to the operator and to their neighbors. 

      Yes, there are other things that are noisy and stink, but they have not been determined to cause the actual injury that leaf blowers cause. Yes, actual injury. 

      "Environmental Protection Agency studies show that leaf blowers have been linked to asthma and "Valley Fever, an often fatal respiratory disease caused by high levels of particulate matter pollutants, which are both on the rise in urban areas where these leaf-blowers are used." (Valley Fever, according to the Centers for Disease Control, is only considered "sometimes" fatal.)"

      "The World Health Organization recommends noise levels of 55 decibels or less, 45 decibels to meet sleep criteria.  A leaf blower generally measures at least 70-75 decibels at 50 feel away and far higher at close range."

      "According to the California Air Resources Board the types of air pollutants emitted when using a gasoline-powered leaf blower for half an hour are equivalent to those emitted from 440 miles of automobile travel at 30mph average speed.  Compared to an average large car, one hour of operation of a leaf blower emits 498 times as much hydrocarbons, 49 times as much particulate matter and 26 times as much carbon monoxide"

      I could go on and on quoting studies.

      Gas-powered leaf blowers are illegal in the City of Los Angeles and can put a neighbor in the ER. Please be kind and considerate and do not allow them to be used on your property.


      On Aug 30, 2013, at 8:46 AM, hauntedcasa@... wrote:

      Well the law is the law but can you use an electric leaf blower?   Does it not also blow fine particles into the air?  When you use an electric or gas lawnmower does it not throw fine particles into the air?  How about a weed whacker?  And don't forget the weekly street cleaners and trash trucks.  They smell.  How about America's past time when people barbecue?  That has lots of particles of stink.
      So while the law is the law remember that the leaf blower was invented so that home owners would stop using their water hose to wash down the driveways, sidewalks and streets.  That was a waste of water.
      In a message dated 8/30/2013 8:21:15 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, gabriele360@... writes:

      Please--when hiring or giving a reference for a gardener, please remember that there is a law against using a gas powered leaf blower. All too many yard men ignore the law and using the blowers sends fine particles of dust, etc. around the property where they'r e working but into surrounding areas.
      The men doing the work will say 'oh, that law doesn't apply to me', or 'this customer doesn't care' or 'I have a permit' and all of those are not acceptable excuses. The law applies throughout the City of Los Angeles. The owner may not care because they're unaware of the law (or accept the worker's lies) and there are no permits which allow the use of the blowers.
      "It's only once a week" What if you have a neighbor with a serious breathing condition? Isn't once a week too often to force that person to deal with the added problems the fine particular matter poses?
      "It doesn't hurt anyone". First of all, yes it does. And second---it shows that the worker who refuses to follow the law is demonstrating that they consider themselves above the law. What other laws might they decide don't or shouldn't apply to them? 

      And when selecting a gardener make certain they know and can iden tify a Tree of Heaven and know that it should not be allowed to flourish. It is invasive and very difficult to remove once established.

      Thank you.

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