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35844Re: Stop the 710 at Cal State Jan. 26. 9-11AM

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  • Clyde Williams
    Jan 20, 2013
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      Yeah they are doing it again
      Dump 1000+pages of nonsense and then hold the meetings a week after
      Differences exist between the docs in the prep for the meetings vs the Alternatives Analysis
      The meeting notes say the SR710 will carry 180,000 vehicles but doesn't say what they are??� Design say trucks 16.5ft high
      2 lanes of trucks = give a maximum of 24,000 vehicles per day
      6 lanes of cars = 7200 x 24 = 172,800 vehicles per day��� =� 197,000 vehicles per day MAX
      But Transport.Engrs would say you can't get 24 hr maximum capacity every day AND trucks count for more than passenger cars and there is a conversion factor for trucks/passenger cars and passenger cars capacity usually is figured on 10hrs of maximum capacity
      BUT the docs don't tell us as how they got what they will tell us.
      One way to get to the numbers is to ask how much money do we need to get a Public-Private-Partnership interested = $5/veh = $900,000/day x 365 = $328+M/yr DOES NOT = 5-10+% of capital for O&M (=$250-500+M/yr) + Loan repayments - interest + principle = This won't work at this rate = Higher rates are requiired - $3/mi x 5mi = $10/trip - $20/driver-day
      If anyone has a problem or question send it in NOW and a good answer and some good quesstions to ask can be given...
      They are giving us another snow job...if we let them.�

      From: car2532002
      To: nelalist@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sunday, January 20, 2013 11:34 AM
      Subject: [nelalist] Stop the 710 at Cal State Jan. 26. 9-11AM
      The State Route 710 (SR 710) Study Team has completed the Alternatives Analysis (AA) Report which has been posted on the Caltrans Study website at:


      The AA Report summarizes the performance of the five multimodal Alternatives that were evaluated against the Study's purpose, need, and objectives. The AA Report includes the following sections:
      SR 710 Study Need and Purpose
      Alternatives Considered
      Transportation Systems Performance
      Environmental Impacts and Planning Considerations
      Cost efficiency
      Public Participation
      Evaluation Summary and Recommendation

      In anticipation of our upcoming All Communities Convening Open Houses, we encourage you to view the Alternatives Analysis Report online to become better informed about the SR 710 Study. The primary focus of the Open Houses is to share the results of the Alternatives Analysis Report. The information for the Open Houses is as follows:


      Posted by Susan

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