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  • car2532002
    Jan 12, 2013
      Some animal owners are inconsiderate of others. They think their aggressive dogs can be off leash and not call them when there is a problem. You find this at the local dog parks too. They can be dangerous as well when their agressive dogs are off leash and their owners still take them there and do not call them back when there is a problem.

      I know of a situation where an aggressive dog attacked another dog and bit and serious injured the dog in the dog park. The homeowners insurance company paid out a big claim to the dogowner victim.

      Some insurance companies cover dog bites on homeowners or renters insurance. Some companies do not. Check with your insurance company or agent. You can be sued for a dog bite attack.

      Keep aggressive dogs out of the dog parks. It ruins it for everyone else.


      --- In nelalist@yahoogroups.com, Richard Harris wrote:
      > One morning around 5, I was walking down Museum to catch the Gold Line to get to work when I crossed paths with a man and his dog off leash. The dog rushed at me very belligerently and I froze and adopted a defensive posture.The dog stopped a foot from me snarling and growling (I had never seen this dog before). The guy finally, reluctantly, called his dog back. I said "That's why there are leash laws." The guy's reply: "You're a f*%king a*%%ole!"
      > R. Harris
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