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35615Re: GPNC meeting minutes

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  • Brian Frobisher
    Dec 5, 2012
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      Yes that is what I thought as I once served as the secretary of the GPNC.

      It would seem you would need minutes of any official meeting of the GPNC.

      But clearly that is not what Bradley thinks now.

      Glassell Park

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      From: Jose Martinez
      Sent: Dec 5, 2012 2:10 PM
      To: "nelalist@yahoogroups.com"
      Subject: [nelalist] Re: GPNC meeting minutes


      It's obvious that the only ones that believe anything that Bradley says is DONE. The GPNC has always kept minutes of the Executive Committee meetings and distributed them at the General Stakeholder meetings - copies are on file in the GPNC office, so just ask Art Camarillo who is the Office Manager for access. You can also refer DONE to the GPNC bylaws - the following is from Artivle VI.2.C.2 on page 9 regarding "Duties & Powers of the Secretary":
       C. The Secretary:2. Provides minutes of both Executive Committee and General Stakeholder meetings andmaintains permanent records thereof and assures their availability to Stakeholders upon request.
      Good luck.
      Jose Martinez

      From: Brian Frobisher <froby@...>

      I attended a GPNC "Executive Committee" meeting tonight 12/4/2012 at the
      Glassell Park Senior Center.

      I was first and foremost informed by "Bradley" that the GPNC did not have to
      have any records "minutes" of "Executive Board" meetings. (Lisette, is this
      true) Has Bradley spoken to the Los Angeles City Attorney about this?

      Here is proof that Bradley burps about "contacting the City Attorney"


      He said that he had "Spoken to the City Attorney of Los Angeles" and
      confirmed this.


      I was also informed that the KIA dealer on San Fernando Road is the
      equivalent of $50 MILLION dollars per year income to "GLASSELL PARK"...but.

      After further questioning.....oh, no, this is $50 Million Dollars to the
      City of Los Angeles......but....

      After further questioning.....oh no, this if $50 Million Dollars to the
      State of California.....

      I call LETS CHECK THIS OUT (It stinks) , can anyone confirm that a
      dealership such as the one on San Fernando Road selling KIA automobiles is
      selling enough stock to make a $50 million dollar input on the budget of

      I hope anyone interested in democracy attends the upcoming meeting on
      December 18th of the GPNC

      Brian Frobisher

      Glassell Park

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