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Betsey Sloan Coming to NH to Teach 2 Classes In June

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  • Leah
    Hi Everyone, Some of you may already know Betsey, she lived in NH and VT for many years, and now lives in SC. To register go to www.bluewhalearts.com or call
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      Hi Everyone,

      Some of you may already know Betsey, she lived in NH and VT for many
      years, and now lives in SC. To register go to www.bluewhalearts.com
      or call Leah Reed at 603-679-1961

      Betsey Sloan is an experienced New England gourd artist presently
      living in South Carolina. She has taught for 12 years
      throughout the New England area including Fletcher Farm Art/Craft
      School in VT, the Brookfield Craft Center in CT;
      private studios and craft centers as well as nine years at the Florida
      Gourd Show, five at the Cherokee Gathering and two
      at the JCCampbell Folk School. Betsey is primarily self-taught and
      finds teaching a very rewarding experience. Her
      method of teaching includes the "why" of a technique as well as the
      "how." She is currently working part-time with
      Turtle Feathers Art Supply Company in North Carolina, traveling with
      them to various gourd shows. She has also taught
      InLace or Power Carving in Arizona and New Mexico and has upcoming
      engagements in Missouri and Pennsylvania. Her
      gourd vessels have won various awards at gourd shows and she had a
      Vinegar Grained Gourd traveling throughout South
      Carolina for a year as part of the Palmetto Pride Exhibit. In her
      former "life" Betsey was the public relations director
      for Elliot Health Care System until her retirement in 1993.

      Using InLace Resins
      Description: InLace is a resin product used by woodcrafters and
      gourd artists to inlay a design. Students will start by learning
      how to grind/polish a pre-hardened sample of InLace on a gourd circle.
      Then they will woodburn a simple design onto the gourd
      provided, learn how to carve out an area or two to accept the resin,
      then mix their own InLace to fill their design. The final
      painting/finishing of the gourd will be done later at home as it takes
      24 hours for InLace to harden. The materials provided include a
      thick-shelled gourd, the pattern/directions, a take-home kit for
      finishing InLace including sanding drums and felt wheels with
      mandrels; sponge sandpaper, one ounce sizes of buffing and polishing
      compounds, and a few other items.

      If students have a woodburner and carver (i.e. Dremel, Optima, etc.)
      please bring them. Bring carving bits if the have them (ball
      bits especially.) The instructor has a few tools and bits for loan.

      Gourd Drum
      Class Description: In this class, students will learn one of the
      traditional ways to lash a goat skin to the opening of a prepared
      gourd using sinew and beads. Students will cut open an approximate 10
      to 12" diameter gourd provided by the instructor, and then
      clean the interior. They will then color their gourd with Tria inks,
      measure and drill, lash beads to the gourd and then stretch and
      lash on the wet goat skin. Materials for an optional drum stick will
      be available. Bring some type of rotary tool (i.e. Dremel, etc.)
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