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515RE: [negourdvine] Blue Whale Arts, Sprint 2013

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  • Leah Reed
    Dec 16, 2012


      Thank you Jeanne,


      They are thinking two types here as well -  went to Dana Farber now – more test than hopefully treatment -  


      Thank you,  Leah

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      So sorry to hear about your mom, Leah.  My mother had two forms of cancer at once and it was too late to do any treatment for her.  I hope your mother's treatments will help.  Blessings to you and your family.



      On Dec 16, 2012, at 1:17 PM, Leah wrote:




      Dear Fellow Gourds,


      Many of you are aware my mom has been traveling with us to many of the shows during the last few years.   

      At the end of July 2012, she was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer.    She is fighting like a champion and is always saying to the doctors; no, you are wrong this will go away!   She currently has had 10 rounds of radiation on a tumor on her spine, and 3 rounds of chemotherapy. 


      However, we received heartening news this past week that the treatment is not worked on the tumor in her lung, and that it actually doubled in size. 


      I wanted you to hear from us that we have decided that at this time we will be staying close to home.  As I use my vacation time from my day job to travel and attend the shows.    I need to save this time to support my mom.   During this time we will be  we will be focusing on the things we do have control over, such as our website (www.bluewhalearts.com), cleaning out older inventory (watch for specials) and working on being creative.  (Mom loves to see all the pieces/projects).     


      We will miss seeing old friends and making new ones during the winter/early spring shows.


      Thank you for your support during this very difficult time.


      Leah and Barry 



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