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Support FairTax Radio via Your Bill Pay!

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  • investorshelper
    Radio Sandy Springs is working hard for you and me to spread the news of the FairTax (FairTax Radio Show, every Sunday, 4:00PM). But it could do MUCH MORE with
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2006
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      Radio Sandy Springs is working hard for you and me to spread the news
      of the FairTax (FairTax Radio Show, every Sunday, 4:00PM). But it could
      do MUCH MORE with adequate funds to develop outreach through ALL 50

      Revolutions are hard fought, and not for the weak of heart. If you are
      OF THE LAND. But the EFFORT NEEDS CAPITAL! And, with each of us doing
      JUST A LITTLE, together we'll change the world!

      I've found a way to do this that is automatic, and painless. And, I'm
      inviting you to join me. Here's how it works:

      With the advent of Bill Pay, perhaps you, like me, have set your bill
      payments on automatic - ridding ourselves of envelopes and stamps.
      Many bill pay services are now offered FREE, or for minimal charge.
      Instead of waiting for bills, monthly, I establish my own budget for
      the payee, and have it go out after my pay is electronically deposited
      (every two weeks - saving on interest-bearing accounts).

      I've set up Radio Sandy Springs (home of Phil Hinson's FairTax Show
      every SUNDAY, at 4PM) as a PAYEE on my Bill Pay service through my
      Credit Union. Open your Bill Pay, select ADD PAYEE, and enter the

      Company Name: Radio Sandy Springs
      Account Number: TaxShow-(your name)
      Address: 201 Allen Road Suite 408
      City: Sandy Springs
      State: GA
      ZIP Code: 30328
      Phone Number: 866-356-0789

      Pertinent websites:

      Dave Moxley, Gen'l Manager at RSS, wants to take this outreach to the
      next level, but he cannot do it without the COMMUNITY OF FAIRTAX
      BELIEVERS behind him.

      I've set my paymennt to Radio Sandy Springs at a RECURRING $10 payment
      every two weeks. This is $10 out of my paycheck I simply won't miss!

      PLEASE, JOIN ME. With EACH OF US doing $5 or $10 dollars every couple
      of weeks, PHIL HINSON'S FAIRTAX HOUR will DO BATTLE to reach those who
      otherwise might not hear of the FairTax bill.

      LET'S ROCK OUR WORLD, and shake up a few politicians while we're at it!


      PS I'm doing the same thing for Americans for Fair Taxation in Houston.
      To set them up as a Payee, here's what you'll need:

      Company Name: Americans for Fair Taxation
      Account Number: (your name)
      Address: PO Box 27487
      City: Houston, Texas
      State: TX
      ZIP Code: 77227
      Phone Number: 1-800-FAIRTAX (324-7829)

      Americans for Fair Taxation is a 501(c)4 organization and payments are
      not tax deductible. But we didn't care about that anyway!

      The FairTax is an ongoing movement which is picking up Congressional
      sponsors. For a nice overview see:


      If you feel - as I do - that this is a profoundly *sane* idea, please
      *forward* this important post to an associate or two (or ten!)
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