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  • tess691@aol.com
    Jul 18, 2010

      The familiar "thud" announced the USS NEBULA's arrival at SB EPSILON. Alexis finished up her reports, sent them, along with her well wishes to Capt. Walsh, then gathered her things and headed off to SB EPSILON. With the onset of the conflict with Cardassia, ships and crews were being redeployed to fill the gaping holes in Silver Fleet's defenses every where else.

      She checked in with the quartermaster, and was told that the USS HOKKAIDO was enroute to the station. In the meantime, she had a few hours to rest and see the sights. She was assigned temporary quarters, where she changed out of her Starfleet uniform and into civilian clothes.

      Her first stop was Gar's. The place was filled, almost to capacity, she had to squeeze her way to the bar. Gar waddled down to where she sat and asked, "What's your chosen poison?"

      "You got any of the good stuff?" Alexis asked.

      "Good Stuff?" Gar asked, innocently.

      "Yeah. I happen to know that every now and then a freighter from Earth has engine trouble and stops by EPSILON for repairs." Alexis smiled at the bartender.

      Gar shrugged and said, "Lots of freighters from Earth stop by here."

      "Yeah, but this one starts out in the Louisiana Bayou. Makes a stop here about every three or four months." Alexis said.

      Gar reached under the bar and pulled out a dusty brown bottle, picked up a glass and poured it full of the clear liquid. "First one's on the house, Commander. Until this crap with the Cardies is over, first drink for every Starfleet memeber is on the house. Least I can do to help our people out there that are putting their lives on the line." He put the cap on the bottle and shoved it back under the bar.

      Alexis took the first sip, savored the burn and then said, "Uncle Elvin still has the touch."

      Gar nodded and headed off down the bar to work on empty glasses at the other end. Alexis sat looking up at the monitor at the Starfleet Liasion that assured everyone that every thing was going to be all right. Alexis wondered how he would assure the families of those that had already lost their lives. How he'd put a media spin on the Lya III massacre. She sipped her drink and thought about how simple the world had seemed when she was a child back in Louisiana.

      Now it seemed that the universe was going crazy. A madman had set off a weapon that had already killed countless beings, and if not stopped, it would kill more. Admiral Rexan had in effect declared war on Cardassia. It wasn't official, but everyone was just waiting for Admiral Rashar to acknowledge the fact. The Admiral was probably having second thoughts about it, but if Rexan had her way, and Alexis, like most of Starfleet knew that the old woman could wear down the patience of anyone, having lost the USS ANDROMEDA, she wasn't going to rest until someone paid.

      Gar came back down to where Alexis sat and raised an eyebrow, Alexis nodded and he refilled her glass. She turned to watch what was happening around her.There was a large contingent of marines in evidence.Alexis knew that before the night was over, base security would have to be called to break up a brawl. It never failed. You put marines from two or more different units in a room together, gave them alcohol, add into this mixture the tension of the current situation, and it all spelled trouble with a capital "T."

      Alexis slid off the stool, elbowed her way back to where the pool tables were, and soon was busily shooting pool. That's where she was when the fight began.

      Mary McNeely
      Maj. Alexis French

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