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  • tess691@aol.com
    Jun 27, 2010
      Alexis French shoved her stuff into duffel bags and stacked them by the door of her living quarters. The USS NEBULA had retrieved the pirates and was now headed back to SB EPSILON. Another ship, closer to where the kidnapped agent was being held had been dispatched to pick her up. Alexis picked up the PADD with her new orders on it. The USS HOKKAIDO was a brand, spanking new ship, still at the Utopia Shipyards.

      And in addition, she'd been given a Marine commission and would be the MCO aboard the new ship. As she looked at the ship's roster, most of the names were vague. She'd never actually encountered any of them, but a few of the names were familiar. You hung out around Starfleet for any length of time and certain names just seem to stand out.

      She thought about Nina Alexander. A young troubled woman for sure, but it seemed that her chat with the young woman had gotten through to her. Alexander still had a long way to go, but French was glad that she'd asked to be reassigned with her. Maybe, just maybe, she could make a difference in Nina's life. Show her that not everything in this universe was bad.

      Alexis left her quarters and headed for the mess hall. She needed some food and then she'd wrap things up in her office and by then, the USS NEBULA would be home. She entered the mess hall, filled a tray with food, and found a table. She had brought some PADD work with her to work on as she ate, and was surprised when she heard a very familiar voice say, "This seat taken?"

      She looked up into the blue twinkling eyes of her ex husband, Tony French. "You'd think by now, you would have found a different line. That one is older than dirt. Which is just slightly younger than your Mother."

      Tony sat his tray down and slid into the seat across from Alexis and said, "Are we going to start with the Mama jokes this early in the morning?"

      "Naw. I guess not. But it's hard for me not to slip one in every now and then." Alexis said, sipping her coffee.

      "Yeah, I know. I heard that your Mother had been slipped quite a few hard ones." He grinned and the little laugh lines around the corner of his eyes crinkled sexily.

      "Ok, we're even." Alexis said. "Did you come over here to insult my mother or was there another reason?"

      "Actually, I heard about your new job, and wanted to congratulate you." He said. "Guess the Brass likes you."

      "Thank you." Alexis said. "I'm kind of excited about the change. I loved working with the marines on Beta IV. Now I get to command them."

      "You'll be good at it. I'm surprised they aren't putting you on a ship headed for the Cluster." He said.

      "They don't need ground pounders there. Everything there will be ship to ship. Although, I'd love to be on a Tac console with a torpedo locked onto one of those Cardie ships." Alexis said.

      Tony observed his ex wife silently for a few seconds. "Where did we go wrong, Alex? You ever wonder if we could have made it work?"

      "No Tony. We weren't meant to be. We both had other things that we felt were more important than our marriage. We both wanted careers in Starfleet and then our families started to pull us apart. No, we just weren't meant to be. But I do wish we could have walked away friends." She said.

      "Maybe it's not too late to start." Tony said, hopefully.

      "Maybe not. Being on the same ship hasn't been nearly as bad as I thought it would be." Alexis said.

      "After the NEBULA gets back to EPSILON, I'm headed back to Starfleet Medical. You get to Earth, look me up. Maybe we can have a few drinks." Tony said.

      "I'll do that." She said, taking her last bite of food, and finishing off her coffee. "Nice having breakfast with you. But I got to go to work. Need to get all those loose ends tied up before we get back to EPSILON."

      "When you talk to your Mother, tell her I said hello." Tony said with a grin. "They do have phones and communication devices in the backwoods these days, don't they?"

      "Yeah they do." Alexis said. "Tell your Mom I said hello to. When she sobers up. Hey that could be a long time. I've never actually seen your mom sober.Hmmm!"

      Tony grinned and stood up. "One last insult for the road, huh?"

      "Yep." She grinned too. They both headed for the door.

      Once outside, Tony turned to Alexis and said, "I know this sounds very strange, but I've missed your sarcastic wit and biting insults. No one insults my Mother like you do."

      "Then where ever we're at, I'll send you at least one insult per week." Impulsively, she reached out and hugged him. "I missed you too. Let's keep in touch."

      He returned her hug, and they parted and headed out in different directions.

      Mary McNeely
      Lt. Cmdr Alexis French
      Chief Of Security

      Scott Ramos
      Dr. Tony French

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