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1584[USS NEBULA] Honor

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  • Juan Angel Romero
    Jun 23, 2010
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      SD: 220623.2230

      Nina was in front of Alexis� office. She was not sure about what she was
      going to do, but for a strange and mysterious reason, she knew that was the
      correct thing to do.

      She knocked on the door and waited.

      "Enter." Alexis said, turning from the window where she stood, contemplating
      the strange twists and turns of life.

      Nina walked to the desk and stood in attention.

      "May I help you, Ms. Alexander?" Alexis asked.

      �Permission to speak, ma�am� Nina asked.

      "Feel free." Alexis sat down in the chair behind her desk.

      �I�ve just heard you are leaving the ship. I want to go with you.� She

      Alexis was a bit surprised. "You want to go with me?" She asked. "Why?"

      �I know I�m not a Marine, but I�ve been investigation and there is a
      strange, obscure and unused regulation about transferring from and to
      marines from other Starfleet branches that includes medical and security.
      I�ve had the regulation hear and my official request to be move to the
      Marines on the HOKKAIDO. I just need your sign, ma�am.� Nina stated.

      Alexis took the PADD, held it, then looked up at the young woman. "What I
      said before, still goes. You'll be give every consideration. But I won't cut
      you any slack. You will work as hard as the other marines under my command."
      She pressed her thumb print on the signature line, and reached it back to
      Nina. "Be sure this is what you want. Be very sure."

      Mary McNeely
      Lt. Commander Alexis French
      Chief of Security


      Juan Angel Romero
      PO2 Nina Alexander

      Something has changed within me, Something is not the same
      I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game
      Too late for second-guessing, Too late to go back to sleep
      It's time to trust my instincts Close my eyes: and leap!
      Defying Gravity - Wicked

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