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1583[USS NEBULA] New Orders, New Horizons

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  • Juan Angel Romero
    Jun 23, 2010

      Alexis French stood looking out of the window at the black inky sky. She was
      sort of depressed. In Starfleet, every mission was important. There were no
      "milk" runs. But somehow, being sent out here to find one agent, and they
      weren't even sure if they'd find the agent alive, seemed trivial compared to
      the news they'd received earlier.

      The Cardies had attacked a Federation ship, inside the Argolis Cluster. The
      TACRON 49 Squad from SB SAIKAI, headed by the Admiral herself, was headed to
      "The Cluster." That meant that things were going to get very bad, before
      they got better. As she had stood in the security office listening to the
      snatches of conversation from across Starfleet, she'd realized that just
      about every fleet in Starfleet were rallying their troops and sending them
      to the aide of Silver Fleet.

      There had to be something awful important in the "Cluster" for the
      Cardassians to take such a chance. This was most decidedly a declaration of
      war. And if the number of ships and fleet personnel headed there was any
      indication, The Federation was clearly NOT going to back down.

      For years, the Cardassians had been slithering around the fringes of a war,
      the Federation always tried to smooth things over, pretend that the Cardies
      weren't the monsters that everyone knew they could be. In Alexis' opinion,
      their atrocities during the Bajoran Occupation, and their alliance with the
      Dominon during the Dominon war, was enough to justify never trusting them.
      But then, she didn't trust most people.

      She turned and picked up a PADD, on it was her new orders. In addition to
      her duties as Chief of Security, she'd also assume those of Marine
      Commander. The new MCO, had suddenly been called away, probably to one of
      the ships headed to The Cluster. She sighed, she almost envied him.

      There was a tap at the door, and Alexis looked up, "Come in." She said.

      The First Officer, Olivia Wilson opened the door and entered. "I saw the
      light on. Hope you don't mind?" She said.

      "No. Not at all. Please, have a seat." Alexis indicated the chair across
      from her desk. "I guess you can't sleep either?"

      Oliva stared at her. That was true. She couldn�t sleep. That mission, the
      uncertain future about the agent and what they were going to find were
      killing her. �Yes that�s true. But we have something more in our hands.�
      Olivia headed the PADD she was carrying to Alexis.

      �New orders� Olivia said.

      The NEBULAS was traveling fast to where the Bird of Dawn had been attacked.
      Last news from Starfleet indicated that two other ships were arriving before
      the NEBULA to the passenger ship. Those ships were small, scouts, but it
      seemed that they managed to defend the civilian ship and capture several of
      the pirates.

      �The pirates had told about where the agent is located. Starfleet is
      preparing a team to rescue her.� Olivia said as Alexis read the report.

      �With that our mission is over and we are recalled back to the station. As
      you know the Cardassians are moving. They need us elsewhere to assist.�
      Olivia finished.

      "Yes, I've heard. That's all that's on the vine. We've lost several ships.
      Some good officers. Damn those Cardassian bastards." Alexis said.

      �But that is not all.� Olivia took another PADD out and gave it to Alexis.
      �You have new orders. A new ship is being finished at Utopia. A
      Yasuragi-Class. They need a MCO and your name is at the top of the list.�

      Alexis looked at her new orders. She was ordered to report to the Utopia
      Shipyards in three days. This is happening so fast." She said.

      Mary McNeely
      Lt. Commander Alexis French
      Chief of Security


      Juan Angel Romero
      CDR Olivia Wilson

      Something has changed within me, Something is not the same
      I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game
      Too late for second-guessing, Too late to go back to sleep
      It's time to trust my instincts Close my eyes: and leap!
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