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1581Re: USS NEBULA NRPG: Updates

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  • Juan Angel Romero
    May 10, 2010
      Hi all

      This is not the first time for me to live this kind of moves inside ASR. I'm
      sad to hear the NEBULA is in this condition, but as Chris said, times are
      not good for ASR as a whole as posting is decreasing more and more.

      To merge with the YAMATO could be a good idea, but first of all, the most
      important thing is to know how many of us are still interested on keep on

      As Mary said. We did an incredible job with the competion. I think we can
      still do that.

      So, who is still there? Of course I am.

      What about the rest?

      About the question of which ship we should take, the thing is that both
      ships have a history behind them and that history could be a good point of
      departure for the crew or a stone for the new crew.

      My idea is to create a new ship so we all can start from the begining.

      Juan Angel

      2010/5/10 Christopher Mayberry <cmmayberry@...>

      > All,
      > Based on predicted contractions within ASR as a whole Mary has put forth a
      > plan to merge with ANDROMEDA.
      > There are two steps for this to go forward:
      > 1) Let me know if you want to go through with this.
      > 2) Let me know the following:
      > a) Desire to keep the final unit as NEBULA
      > b) Desire to move over to ANDROMEDA
      > c) Desire to create a new unit and start anew
      > This still doesn't stop us from working through our mission.
      > Please let me know soonest.
      > Chris

      Something has changed within me, Something is not the same
      I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game
      Too late for second-guessing, Too late to go back to sleep
      It's time to trust my instincts Close my eyes: and leap!

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