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1578USS NEBULA: Preparations

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  • Christopher Mayberry
    Apr 18, 2010
      Scene: Bridge, USS NEBULA
      Walsh took a deep breath.  The Admiral wasn't going
      to like this.
      "Channel open, sir."
      <<Captain Walsh, please tell me that you've already completed
      your mission and are on your way back to EPSILON.>>
      Walsh took a moment to compose his thoughts, "Admiral,
      I would like to tell you that, but I am taking a detour.
      The SS Bird of Dawn just sent out an all channel distress
      call that was interupted prior to its completion.  All
      the Master of the ship got out was that he was being boarded."
      Walsh summed up his thoughts, "I am headed to intercept along the
      last known course at maximum warp and will come to their aid as
      quickly as possible.  I know this is not what we were out here
      for, but I have to take this as a serious threat."
      "Understood Captain, I don't want you delaying your search any
      more than you have to.  Good luck and good hunting."
      The signal cut.
      "Helm, lay in a maximum warp intercept course and engage.
      I want a time countdown on display."  Walsh pushed a button
      on his chair, "All hands, yellow alert.  Set condition SC-3."
      Walsh stood and nodded to the Lieutenant at the Helm, "You
      have the bridge.  The senior staff will be in the briefing
      room if you need us."
      Walsh walked and gathered his XO and Security officer.  "Time
      to get our game on."
      Scene: Forward phaser control 3
      Master Chief Samda was less than impressed.  She had been
      looking over the forward phaser control area for the last
      30 mins on one of her many inspection runs when she had
      noticed the glitch.
      "You said you managed to get your repairs logged in the
      system within 40 hours of the diagnostic failure, Crewman?"
      The crewman standing in front of her was old for her rank,
      "Yes, Master Chief, 40 hours.  The repair was easier than
      it looked."
      "And yet the books call for a 48 hour repair from start to
      "Ahh, Master Chief, the idiot who wrote that don't know anything
      about the focus controller and how to get it to work right.
      I had this baby humming as quickly as anyone out there."
      "And the still that you had that triggered the fault, it
      only took you that long to take it down and get the repair
      "Well, Master Chief, it was really more of a fix to the
      still, and then the repairs."  The crewman had a little
      smile on her face.  She was proud of her still, one
      of the many reasons why she had not made rank.
      Before the Master Chief could say anything else the yellow
      alert began flashing followed closely by the CO's voice,
      "All hands, yellow alert.  Set condition SC-3."
      "Well, crewman, we may find out how well you did. 
      The skipper just set Space Combat condition 3, you had
      better get your station prepared."
      Without another word Samda left the control room and began
      sprinting towards her muster point.  The damage control
      parties might be needed before too long.
      Ok folks, quick staff meeting and then some adventure;)
      Respectfully submitted
      Chris Mayberry
      CAPT Jonathan Walsh
      Commanding, USS NEBULA NCC-2001