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1577USS Nebula: Events can sure change people

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  • Scott Ramos
    Apr 18, 2010
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      Tony had some PADDS to look over after Alexis left his off which had given him some thought.  Her actions had thrown him but then again he could remember when she was more reasonable like she acted when she came in.  " It had been sometime since he could remember her acting that calm but by the time their divorce ended she was like hell bent for leather, "  he told himself shaking his head.  tho
      With those thoughts in mind he drifted back to the early days of their marriage and all the fun they had.  The places they went and the things they did.  They always had smiles on their faces  and people were always commenting on how much they looked in love.  Actually they acted more like a couple of young kids than adults where ever they went.  They lived life to the fullest no matter what they did.
      Tony had to admit that when the parents started to argue about trivial things it began to influence their marriage. Unfortunately if the parents had left things alone him and Alexis probably would have worked things out.  But they kept going at it till they were pulling their child their way and things were just getting out of hand.
      As Tony sat in his chair he did wonder if, but that was now water under the bridge as they say.  He turned back to the Padds But couldn't get his mind on them.  He also wondered
      how Alexis handled the episode with the security people.  He knew she had to keep discipline but to his way of thinking she had turned hard and wasn't seeing anything except a couple of her guys got their butts kicked by a female.  That thought still brought a smile to his face but he knew better than mention it again.
      He got up and got himself a cup of coffee and sat back down in his chair.  " Events can sure change people but why so extreme? " he thought taking a sip from his cup.
      Scott Ramos
      Dr. Antonio French
      CMO USS Nebula

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