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1574USS NEBULA: Detour

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  • Juan Angel Romero
    Apr 16, 2010
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      SD: 220416.1945
      MD: 02.1320
      Scene: Badlands

      Marisa, the agent, was not going to say anything else, at least for the
      moment. They could always go a step forward and risk killing her, but,
      of course, that was not a real option.

      But although the info they already had was important, they still needed
      the rest of the information about their opponent. Starfleet had an
      important enemy out there, the same that they had to eliminate, but in
      that case the enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

      Eve openend her eyes when a man, her second, entered into her office.
      “The NEBULA is on its way to here.” He told her.

      “Good. Move to intercept our objective. Make no prisioners.” She said
      and the man left the room.

      Scene: Bird of Dawn

      The slick and sophisticated passenger ship was the paramount of civilian
      transport. Over 1500 passangers and almost the double of crew were
      traveling inside. The Bird of Dawn was an expensive place to be, but the
      people enjoying that trip had no problems.

      The person in command was Captain B’Blox, a bolian with a lot of
      experience in that kind of vessels. He was sat in his command chair as
      he reviewed the logs from engineering.

      As the big vessel moved, three smaller ships dropped out of warp and
      moved swiftly to intercept her.

      Inside one of the ships, the Eve’s second, a tall romulan called R’Lok,
      was finishing to check all his combat equipment.

      “Remember we are looking for something, so be careful not to destroy
      anything important. We’ll destroy the ship after we find it. Remember,
      no one should survive.”


      Scene: Bridge, USS NEBULA

      “Captain, we have an incoming transmission from the Bird of Dawn.” The
      information of the passanger ship appeared on the main viewer.

      “On screen.” Captain Walsh ordered.

      On the main screen a bolian appeared. The image was blur and with
      statics as it was clear they were under heavy fire.

      “I’m Captain B’Blox. We’ve being attacked and being boarded by….” The
      image died suddenly.

      "Communications run a scan, see if we can pick up a signal. We need to
      know what ship that was. Commander French to the bridge."

      Alexis rose swiftly and as she started out of her office, she said to
      Nina, "Think about what I said. As of right now, you're on duty. You
      have 10 minutes to get into your uniform."

      She hurried out of the security office and took the turbo to the bridge.
      The doors swooshed open and she said to Walsh, "What's wrong?"

      "We just got a distress signal from a Captain B'Blox. That's all we
      got...the transmission was ended." He said, pacing back and forth,
      willing the communications officer to make contact.

      Olivia walked to the tactical station and stood right to Alexis.

      “The Bird of Dawn, a passenger ship, seems to be in problems. Around
      4500 people is on it. We are trying to regain contact, but nothing so
      far.” Olivia informed her.

      "Not good. Not good at all." Alexis said.

      As minutes went by, the ignorance was making them to feel more than
      uncomfortable as the silence was not a real good sign of all it.

      “I don’t like this.” Olivia said.

      "Neither do I." Alexis said. She began her own scans to see if she could
      pick up anything out there. "Not a damned thing. A ship that big is like
      a damn elephant sitting on your freaking sofa, no damn way you can miss it."

      “We have to do something.” Captain Walsh finally said. “Call the senior
      crew for a meeting in the ready room in five minutes. He said as he
      walked to his ready room. “Open a secure channel to Admiral Rexan.” He
      finally said before the doors closed behind him.

      “You’ve heard the man.” Olivia said as she walked to the central chair
      to make the call.


      SB SAIKAI:

      "Admiral, you have a sub space call coming through. It's from the USS
      NEBULA." Ginny said.

      "Put it through." Rexan said.

      Seconds later the face of Johnathan Walsh appeared on the screen.
      "Captain Walsh, please tell me that you've already completed your
      mission and on your way back to EPSILON." She said.

      Walsh's face expressed that was not the answer the Admiral was going to

      Respectfully submitted by

      Mary McNeely
      Lt. Cmdr Alexis French
      Chief Of Security


      Juan Angel Romero
      CDR Olivia Wilson

      NRPG: So we have a little problem ahead. We need all of you on the brige
      as soon as possible. What are we going to do? Keep our mission or see
      what's happening to the other ship?

      Stay tune

      Quality is to do it right the first time.
      Calidad es hacerlo bien la primera vez.

      We will either find a way or make one.
      Encontraremos un camino o haremos uno.