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1573[USS NEBULA]: After the storm

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  • Juan Angel Romero
    Apr 5, 2010
      SD: 220406.0030
      MD: 02.1020
      Scene: Nina’s quarters

      She was alone. She didn’t need any kind of cheering, just to be alone.

      She didn’t want that to happen. She promised she thought those guys were
      marines, not security. She had been in some other fights before, but
      nothing like that.

      She was deeply regret about all that situation but she knew she couldn’t
      do anything, she couldn’t say anything to repair the mistake she had
      committed, just to accept the punishment and try to regain the trust of
      all of them.

      Maybe Alexis was right, maybe she could need more help than she wished
      to admit. All her whole life she had been denying any sort of weakness.
      Weakness was a trait that had to be hidden back in her old world.
      Weakness could drive anyone to death. But in that new world she had to
      admit that her behavior was driven her to self-destruction.

      Tears started to go over her face. She couldn’t remember when the last
      time that she had cried was. That was the sign; that was the moment.

      “Computer.” She said while she cleaned the tears with the sleeve of her
      uniform. “I need an appointment with the counselor.”

      Respectfully submitted by
      Juan Angel Romero
      PO3 Nina Alexander

      Quality is to do it right the first time.
      Calidad es hacerlo bien la primera vez.

      We will either find a way or make one.
      Encontraremos un camino o haremos uno.