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1570USS NEBULA: The beginning of what?

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  • Juan Angel Romero
    Mar 25, 2010
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      MD: 02.0620

      Scene: Holodeck 3, USS NEBULA

      Ten minutes inside the program and she already knew that was not going to be
      a new record, maybe it would get close, but not enough. The scenery,
      randomly selected by the computer, was the penal prison of Alarar III. The
      inmates were taking the guards as hostages. Her mission was to free them.
      That time the computer had put her AISLADA of the rest of the teams so her
      objective was double.

      She had fun with that kind of training sessions. She was good on that.

      After that, she went to the gym. She wanted to run a little bit before the
      morning briefing. She still needed to know her shift.

      The gym was crowded but one of the running machines was free. She jumped in
      and started to run. She only had 45 minutes as she didn�t want to be late.

      Once the time was over she stepped down and walked to the door. As she moved
      she saw some marines doing some combat training. She felt something inside
      her. It was something bad and part of her shouted to turn around and run
      away. The other part, the darkest one, decided to stay.

      �Hey guys, don�t you mind if I join you?� She asked.

      The four marines observed her. The biggest one stood in front of her with a
      smile in her face.

      �Yes, we mind. We don�t want to hurt you of your Starfleet pride.� He

      �I see� I can understand you. You�re worried about me kicking those fat
      marines butts.� She grinned knowing that would drag them to fight.

      The marine in front of her, a very muscular man, did a quick move and hit
      her with his fist on her cheek. The blow launched her to the floor. She felt
      her cheek inflamed.

      �Enough training for you?� The marine asked.

      Nina stood up again. The cheek was already dark. �Next round, please� She

      The marine smiled and move again to attack her. This time Nina acted. She
      grabbed his wrist as she spin around herself and moved the marine�s arm to
      the floor. As the marine was forced to move, Nina could clearly hear the
      wrist breaking. With the marine now facing the floor, she used her leg as a
      lever and torque his arm.

      �Your wrist is already broken. Next it will be your elbow and your shoulder.
      What do you say? Enough is enough?� She smiled.

      She perceived a move behind her. Her sixth sense warned her about an
      incoming danger. That extra sense had taken her out of a lot of hazard
      during her life.

      Nina moved sidestep and blocked the attack. The she kicked the marine fast
      but clearly hard in his stomach. As the marine bended she seized his head
      and hit it with her knee on his forehead. The marine felt unconscious. She
      turned to face the other two.

      �We can call this a draw. Two of you are still standing. Why don�t we finish
      this here and we take your pals to the doctor?� She asked. The other two
      nodded after exchanging some looks.

      �Good.� Nina helped the marine with the wrist broken to stand up. �Come on,
      kid, let�s go to pay a visit to the doctor.�

      Respectfully submitted by

      Juan Angel Romero


      PO2 Nina Alexander



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