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    Mar 20, 2010
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      Sitting in the security office doing paperwork just wasn't Alexis' idea of security work.

      She rose and headed out on a two fold mission. First she needed to familiarize herself with the layout of the ship, and then too, she wanted to observe her officers on duty.

      Granted there wasn't a lot going on at the moment, but still they needed to be viligant. Things changed in a blink of an eye for security.

      She made the rounds of the ship, caught a couple of security officers in a secluded area, chatting and having a smoke. She verbally reprimanded them and made a note to check up on these particular officers a little more often than the others.

      She hadn't eaten breakfast, so she decided that lunch was in order, and headed to the mess hall. Tony and his red head nurse were having lunch also. She got her food, walked over to the table and said, "Hope you don't mind me joining you."

      The nurse gave her a dirty look, and got up and left. "I'll see you back in sick bay Tony." She said, heading for the door.

      Alexis smiled and took a forkful of food. "I think she's pissed at you Dr. French."

      Tony was taking advantage of the quiet time on the ship. He knew from past experience that it could end very quickly so he always made sure he grabbed it when he could.

      He was finding himself taking a liking to his head nurse and it seemed like she was doing the same with him. But he knew things like this didn't last long so he would make the most of it while he could.

      He asked her to lunch and off they went to grab something to eat at the mess. They had almost finished their meal when Tony's ex showed up and sat down. His nurse got up and left seeing Alexis had decided to park herself.

      When Alexis made her comment, Tony simply said, " she doesn't like you like most people don't, " and took a sip of his coffee.

      "I really don't give a damn." Alexis said. "She doesn't know me. She only knows what you've told her about me. But I need to talk to you, Tony."

      Tony was going to say something more but noticed a change in Alexis' voice when she said she needed to talk tto him.. The woman very seldom had anything nice to say to him but he would be nice if she was. "What's on your mind?" He asked.

      "Look, we have to work together on this ship, everyone seems concerned that we're going to be a distraction. I want to call a truce. I want us to be able to do our jobs without constant bickering. It's time we put the past behind us. We both made mistakes, we both are to blame. Let's move on." Alexis said.

      Tony could not believe what he was hearing coming out of Alexis' mouth. He tried not to give any expressions but knew a surprised look had to have crossed his face. In fact he almost didn't trust her motives for this truce. But if she meant it then he'd have some peace on the mission without her cutting remarks. " Sure I'll buy that, " he said with a smile.

      "Ok." she said. "You know Tony, even though we weren't meant to be married, we still had some good times. they weren't all bad."

      "No we really had some good ones when you think about it." He said catching himself thinking back to when.

      She smiled, "remember the party at Curtis Dalton's? When we poured vodka in the gold fish pond?" She laughed at the memory. Of course Dalton's parents had called the Academy and everyone at the party had been given two weeks kitchen duty because the Academy had to pay for the exotic gold fish that had died.

      Tony had to laugh also as he remembered the party. " I think we'd had to much to drink at the party and the fish pond looked like a place to put some booze in. I think they were some kind of special Japanese fish. Wonder if they got drunk? he said laughing about the whole thing.

      "Don't know about drunk, but they went belly up pretty fast. And yeah, each fish cost about 1200.00 bux. The Dalton's were livid." She laughed.

      As they sat there people in the mess couldn't believe that the Frenchs were laughing and seemed to be friends.But they figured it wouldn't last long.

      Tony was seeing a side of Alexis he hadn't seen in a longtime. " You know this is nice talking like this about old times." He said.

      "By the way, that red head isn't for you." Alexis laughed. "Remember Tina Gilbert back at the Academy? She was a red head."

      Tony was about to say something not nice but just commented, " well all redheads aren't the same you know. Some are nicer than others, " and left it there.

      "Not according to your grandmother." Alexis said. Of all Tony's family, the only one she had gotten along with had been his paternal grandmother. She loved the old lady. "Speaking of which, how is Nana French?"

      "I think my grandmother had a great dislike for redheads. Maybe cause her huisband tried one out during their marriage and ever since she's had no use for them. Nana is doing good considering her age. I've tried to tell her to make some changes but she says she's to old for that now." Tony said a smile on his face thinking about her.

      "She's a sweetheart." Alexis said, standing up. "When you talk to her, tell her I said hello. I have to get back to work. Take care Tony."

      "Take care." He answered back not believing what had just happened. He had no idea what had happened to his ex but it brought back some fond memories. He finished his coffee and headed back to sickbay wondering.

      Mary McNeely
      Lt. Cmdr Alexis French
      Chief Of Security

      Scott Ramos
      Dr. Tony French

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