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1567USS NEBULA: Securing Agreements

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  • Christopher Mayberry
    Mar 14, 2010
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      Scene: Security, USS NEBULA
      Jonathan walked out of the turbolift, turned down the corridor and walked towards the security office.
      "Good afternoon," he said to the rating sitting nearest the door, "Is Commander French in?"
      "Yes, sir.  I'll go get her."
      The rating walked towards the back office and knocked on the door, "Commander, the Captain is here to see you."
      "Oh Crap!!" Alexis mumbled. To the Ensign she said, "Please escort the captain in."
      "Do you have a couple of minutes, Commander?"  Walsh walked in and stood for a moment.
      "Yes, of course, Captain Walsh. Please have a seat." She indicated an empty chair. "Am I in trouble already?"
      "I don't think you are in trouble, yet, Commander.  I just wanted to sit down with my senior staff and get to know you."  Walsh took the offered seat and relaxed a little.
      "I find that if I talk to you in your office, it is a little less schoolyard and a little more relaxed.  Basically, I just want to see how you are settling aboard.  Your record showed that you just came off of a long term training mission, I was just wanted to see what you thought about being back aboard ship.
      "Well, I must say it is different. No blazing sun, lizards or insects, except my ex-husband. And I'm looking forward to working aboard this ship. And I'm settling in fine." she flashed Walsh a smile.
      "I see.  I hope that you can manage to keep from having too many altercations as head of security.  I am surprised that BUPERS put you both aboard, but we will need to make the best of it."  Walsh paused, "I hope you agree."
       "Those idiots at BUPERS don't give a damn about who you get along with or who you don't. Rexan needed bodies for this ship, they assigned those available. And as for altercations, Tony is too much of a gentleman to have an altercation with me. Besides, his mama ain't here to egg him on. Without her, he's like a tired old lion without any teeth. He can still roar, but his bite is is nonexistent.  I'm sure we'll have a few choice words now and then, but that can be said of a lot of people that I work with." She said. "I've worked with marines for the last five years, I tend to be brash and impatient. I usually rub people the wrong way. But I'm good at what I do."
      "For BUPERS, I cannot disagree with you.  Some admin weenie decided that there was a need for a Doctor and a Security Officer.  I still hope that there is some reason with them, but that is my idealistic self talking."  Walsh looked down for a second, "I am glad that you will at least refrain from attacking each other while onboard. I would hate to have to put anyone in cells.  But, I also want to reiterate that I have an open door policy if there are any issues you want to discuss."
      "I'll remember that, Captain Walsh." Alexis said.
      "Good.  I hope we have a good mission and that we can bring the agent back with few shots fired of boardings required.  But based on your qualifications and the Marines on board I know that we can handle just about anything.  Now, I will let you get back to you work."
      With a quick nod, Walsh stood and walked back out into the passageways of the NEBULA.
      Chris Mayberry
      CAPT Jonathan Walsh
      Mary McNealy
      LCDR Alexis French
      Chief of Security
      USS NEBULA, NCC-2001