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  • greeg44_wwhalinee greeg44_wwhalinee
    Dear I am Mrs greeg wwhalinee Burns from Liberia, my late husband Mr Burns Sani was killed during the war in Liberia some years ago. This sad event happened
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30 2:48 PM
       I am Mrs greeg wwhalinee Burns  from Liberia, my late husband Mr Burns Sani was killed during the war in Liberia some years ago.
      This sad event happened in a cool evening when we were relaxing in our house in  Hebel town in Liberia, the rebels entered my husband house and went straight to his room shot him as he was trying to escape through the back gate of the house.
      Meanwhile, Before the rebels turn to me and my two daughter with the intention to rape us my daughters shouted and as fate would have it we were rescued by government forces who shot and killed the rebels.
      My husband was rushed to the government hospital for treatment, it was there he now disclose to me that because he was the head of the Finance Department of FierStone Rubber Plantation at this hour he decide to tell me where he deposited the sum ten million,six hundred thousand united states dollars($10,600.000.00) in Ecowas Diplomatic  Security Company.
      Is Only me and his lawyer know where this money was kept, please your urgent responses is highly needed.
      All i need is for you to help me to transfer this money and to come over there to meet you for business planning if you still insisted.
      Mrs greeg wwhaline . Burns

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