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2010 AI Video Competition

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  • Ken
    This year I am co-chairing the AAAI AI Video Competition. Because it s a good opportunity for neuroevolution and evolutionary computation to be highlighted in
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      This year I am co-chairing the AAAI AI Video Competition. Because it's a good opportunity for neuroevolution and evolutionary computation to be highlighted in a prominent and entertaining mainstream AI venue (and win a prize), I am posting below the call for videos. I encourage you to submit to the competition. You do not have to win to be accepted and have your video displayed and permanently archived:

      Dear Colleague,

      AAAI is pleased to announce the continuation of the AI Video Competition, now entering its fourth year. The screening of the videos nominated for awards, as well as the award presentations, will be held in conjunction with AAAI-10 in Atlanta, Georgia, July 11-15.

      The goal of the competition is to show the world how much fun AI is by documenting exciting artificial intelligence advances in research, education, and application. The rules are simple: Compose a short video about an exciting AI project, and narrate it so that it is accessible to a broad online audience. The developers of award-winning videos will be presented with Oscar-like trophies ("Shakeys," in honor of SRI's Shakey robot and its pioneering video) in an awards ceremony at AAAI-10 on July 11.
      We strongly encourage student participation.

      Video Formats
      Either 1 minute (max) short video or a 5 minute (max) long video, with English narration (or English subtitles). Consider combining screen shots, interviews, and video of a system in action. Make the video self-contained, so that newcomers to AI can understand and learn from it. We encourage a good sense of humor, but will only accept submissions with serious AI content. For example, we welcome submissions of videos that:

      • Highlight your own (contemporary or previous) research
      • Focus on the activities (research and/or application) of your (or another) group
      • Introduce viewers to an exciting new AI-related topic
      • Document some long-term activity of a senior researcher
      • Include interviews with key researchers/practitioners
      • Can be used in the classroom
      • Would otherwise interest prospective students to the field of AI
      • Includes a narration

      However, please note that this list is incomplete and not mandatory. Novel ideas for AI-based videos, including those not necessarily based on a "system in action" are encouraged. No matter what your choice, creativity is encouraged! (Please note: The developers of previous, award-winning AI Videos typically highlighted humor, background music/tracks, and/or carefully selected movie clips to make their presentations come alive and interest our prospective viewers and PC members.) Your video is an opportunity to highlight your area of AI to a wide community.

      Video submissions must be downloadable; they cannot be accepted from services like Youtube. Submit your video by placing it at a publicly-accessible www site & notifying the Video Competition Cochairs, Arnav Jhala (jhala@...) and Ken Stanley(kstanley@...), by email. You are also asked to complete a submission form. For complete instructions about the submission and review process (including the submission form), please visit the AI Video website at http://aivideo.org All submissions are due no later than May 17, 2010. Notifications will be mailed on June 16, 2010, and final videos will be due to the organizers by June 30, 2010. All developers of nominated videos will be asked to sign a distribution license form. Videos must not contain any copyrighted video, audio, or characters.

      We look forward to your participation in this exciting event!

      Best Regards,

      Ken Stanley, Arnav Jhala, and Chad Jenkins
      2010 AI Video Competition CoChairs
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