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Re: problem installing MultiNEAT

Hello, as I have solved the issue it would be worth sharing the solution with the world. How I have solved it: - install boost library from the software
Feb 8

Re: choosing NEAT software package - a request for piece of advice

Hi, at the beginning I would like to thank You for help and Your insights. While there are many NEAT packagesit is always worth to take a while and asks those
Marcin Zakidalski
Feb 8

Re: Activation functions and data types

If you really want to optimize for speed, you could even use a lookup table, perhaps with some interpolation. Back in my Forth days, we typically did
Fred Mitchell
Feb 7

SharpNeat on github

Now on github: https://github.com/colgreen/sharpneat The sourceforge SVN repo is still present but the github one will be the new home. Recent changes
Colin Green
Feb 7

Activation functions and data types

Q: What network activation functions are currently popular and what data types? I understand very basic functions such as y = min(0, x) are in use, on the
Colin Green
Feb 6

Evolution in Cognition Workshop: call for contribution

As NEAT can be used in this context, I guess that the following announcement may be of interest for you: Evolution in Cognition Workshop July 21 to be held as
Feb 4

Final Call For Papers -- Deadline Extend + Best Paper Prize -- IEEE

--Apologies for cross posting-- Final CALL FOR PAPERS (paper submission deadline extended to*January 31, 2016*) Also note best paper prize below. ... IEEE CEC
Josh A
Jan 28

DEADLINE EXTENSION for IEEE CEC 2016 Special Session on Evolutionary

-Apologies for cross posting- There's still time to submit a paper for the Special Session on Evolutionary Robotics at CEC 2016! The paper submission deadline
Joshua Auerbach
Jan 15

Re: choosing NEAT software package - a request for piece of advice

Hi Marcin, Have you seen the software catalog at http://eplex.cs.ucf.edu/neat_software/ http://eplex.cs.ucf.edu/neat_software/ ? It might help give you more
Jan 11

Re: Visualizable benchmark is needed

Hi, I don't know anything about this work or its authors, but given that they don't mention NEAT at all in their presentation I'm guessing NEAT is not
Jan 11

IEEE CEC 2016 Special Session on Evolutionary Robotics - Vancouver,

-Apologies for cross posting- Final CALL FOR PAPERS (paper submission deadline January 15, 2016) ... IEEE CEC 2016 -- Special Session on Evolutionary Robotics
Josh A
Jan 11

Visualizable benchmark is needed

Hi all, In this video (https://vimeo.com/127667540 https://vimeo.com/127667540), it is stated that left car is being controlled with neural network with
Jan 9

Re: problem installing MultiNEAT

Maybe a custom MultiNEAT Linux Distro with everything already nicely set up, or similar on Docker or Vagrant.  Kind Regards, Fred Mitchell,  Skype: flajann
Fred Mitchell
Jan 8

Re: problem installing MultiNEAT

I tried installing it with Python 3.4 and Boost 1.60 in a fresh Ubuntu 15.10 installation in a VM and it worked. This suggests that the previous Boost
Peter Chervenski
Jan 6

Re: problem installing MultiNEAT

Hi, unfortunately, the library still does not work. What I have tried: - removing previous boost installation ./bootstrap.sh --with-python=python2.7 ./b2 -j8
Jan 6
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