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6357Sharp2048 with HyperNEAT

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  • Ryan Hall
    Jun 3, 2014
      Hello all,

      I developed a C# implementation of the popular 2048 game (http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048) and used it to run various NEAT-related experiments. I tried a variety of experiments, evolving:
      • NEAT direct controllers of 2048
      • NEAT evaluators of a 2048 board
      • HyperNEAT evaluators of a 2048 board
      While the experiments were interesting, they weren't very successful in terms of evolving a powerful 2048-controller\evaluator. Nonetheless, I thought the group might be interested in the experiments\code used for them. They are located at https://github.com/ryanhallcs/2048Neat. It's filled with a lot of projects in the Neat.2048.sln but the most relevant ones are:
      • Sharp2048.State - the board and game logic controllers
      • Sharp2048.Neat.Gui - The usual NEAT Windows Forms gui including the 2048 expierment and configuration
      • Sharp2048.Neat.Service - the various AI implementations (i.e.¬†BoardEvaluatorMinimax2048Ai and¬†DirectMover2048Ai)
      The web and Selenium projects are half-or-somewhat-working web runners of the genomes that are evolved. Enjoy!