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6237RE: Environmental Influence on the Evolution of Morphological Complexity in Machines

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  • kenstanley01
    Jan 6, 2014
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      Hi Josh, yes congratulations, I agree with Jeff that it's nice to see this work in PLoS Comp. Bio.  As you know I really like the unique way you use CPPNs to represent these bodies.  Their nuanced shapes are different from the conventional "connected blobs" type of virtual creature and to me feel more natural, so I feel like there's potential for more progress in this direction, though I understand simulating these creatures is pretty expensive.  Do you have any plans to develop more creatures of this type, maybe giving their CPPNs somehow the ability to decide their own joints and degrees of freedom?  The arrow of complexity is also a really interesting topic and it's nice to see it elevated in this kind of journal. 



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